Music Trivia - All Genres


I’ve always enjoyed music trivia surrounding artist, circumstances, personal interaction with etc.
“It’s amazing how much one can learn when they realize they don’t know it all”

I look forward to us sharing and learning about the often overlooked trivia surrounding music.


This should be interesting. Most of the “trivia” I know is already pretty main stream but this could be a fun challenge, to find the obscure.


I had already seen Crosby, Stills and Nash many years ago. It wasn’t until I was 66 years old, no matter how many times I had heard “Our House” written by Graham Nash, did I learn it was about a day with his girlfriend at the time-Joni Mitchell… Where was I when this information was out there?
I saw Graham Nash 2 years ago when he explained the origin of the song on stage.
This is an article referring to it, for those who do not know the story:

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