Memory Evoking Music?


Like a smell or scent can suddenly pull you to a place far away in another time, certain songs do the same for me. Some happy, others sad, they help me remember vivid happenings. Lol and yes there are a few years behind me. My daughter laughs at me, telling me my favorites are dark, sad songs…she’s right.

Amazing Grace played on bagpipes.
Melanie - Lay down
Carly Simon - You’re so Vain
Harry Chapin - Cats in the Cradle
Bob Seger - Turn the Page
Emerson Lake and Palmer - I Believe in Father Christmas

What songs are the keys for you?


Good thread, most of my memorable songs are sad/dark songs as well, but I also have a bunch of just ridiculous songs that evoke memories of places/times/people…


Yes, I have a lot of dark and a lot of light. First some early light-

And then. Who can forget May 5th, 1970?

The precursor - we were still innocent:

And the event that changed everything for many of us:

That’s enough for tonight. Darkness has fallen.
4th edit. Damn it still rips me apart.


agreed…sometimes the memories can be too strong for the songs linked with them :open_mouth:


Have you been reading Proust? He wrote 4,000 pages on how one cookie took him back to his childhood. Then later how one piano sonata took him back to other times in his life.

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lol must have missed that one. Music and food work good, but certain smells are what really bring up old memories. Fresh cooked bread, a wood fire, musk fragrance…aaahhh youth

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I did a lot of cover performances in high school and in undergrad for talent shows and the like, so hearing songs that I performed often takes me back.
Beyond those, two songs that come to mind are Falling Away by Seven Lions and Sunrise Trailer Park by Papa Roach.
Falling Away is a song I listened to a lot while I was on a study abroad trip in Europe between my junior and senior years of undergard, and is associated with the mental highlights reel of that trip. Lots of good memories.
Sunrise Trailer Park, on the other hand, makes me think about the parts of college that I regret or wish had gone differently.


I have very fond memories of this song sitting on top of a sorority house in Berkeley watching the sunrise, after a night of drinking at the bars…ah to be young, dumb, and …well…heh.


There’s probably more to this story than sitting on top of this house. :thinking:



I have fond very fond memories of listening to this whilst getting ready to go see my girlfriend (Now my Wife). It was in the early Eighties and there was lots of great music about. Every time I hear this it just takes me right back. I can see myself now, preening myself like a peacock in my bedroom mirror aged 15.