What kind of music should I play for an event?


I’m organizing a social event for a foreign marriage agency, so most of the guests are going to be men and women who are meeting each other for a romantic night out. One of my tasks include hiring some entertainment for the night, so I was thinking of inviting a band or musician to play some music for some dancing. What kind of music should I have them play? I want it to be appropriate for the event, but I’m not quite sure what genre is the best option.


Are they from former Soviet bloc countries? I’d probably go with this:


A fellow Boney M. fan! Weird disco brought to you by Frank Farian, the evil genius behind Right Said Fred and Milli Vanilli.





This kind of stuff is enjoyable and pleasant to the mood.


I see that you are getting a number of finely curated suggestions. Here’s mine:

This the the high quality remake of “Benny Lava” with the original titles.

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Just got round to seeing this. Man that’s f****d up.

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