Need a USB C switch box power/data

I use an Android tablet as the digital drive for my music, sending music files to my dac/amp. Here is what I am looking for: a simple passive USB C switch box with two USB C inputs (one for data, one for power) and a single USB C output which will plug into the one and only USB C port on my tablet. The goal is to be able to, with the push of a switch, send either power from the charger to the tablet or data from the tablet to my dac/amp. The switch needs to be small so it can be mounted on the tablet’s stand. It does not need to support video, the tablet is only a music source. Does such a critter exist? What I keep finding on Amazon are large boxes (some needing power themselves) that have multiple input and outputs, HDMI, USB A, etc. with rotary switches. I just need simple! Thanks for any suggestions.

Is there a reason it needs to switch?

USB-C is a bus, so a two-port USB-C hub will let you connect both the charger and your DAC at the same time with no switching needed. And it can be bus-powered so it won’t need a separate PSU.

Belkin make one specifically for connecting a charger and an audio device to a single phone, or tablet, for $35:

Belkin USB Type-C Audio & Charge Adapter

If for some reason you need it to work as a switch, you’re looking at a USB-C KVM. You can’t make that passive (though it can be bus powered), and being a KVM it is going to support video.

You might be able to get away with something like this, but it’ll probably require that your DAC can power it when that’s the device it is switched to.


As Torq mentioned, if it is without a switch, it is easier to find.

I have had 2 of those, plus a couple of other brands and they all seem to be intermittent as to which phones and tablets they work with. The Belkin ones, for example, don’t seem to like Xiaomi or Google phones.

The one I have found to work well (tested on 8 different android devices) is one that was recommended to me by @antdroid

It is the DDHifi TC28CPro, but I am not sure if they sell it outside of AliExpress.


Amazon sell it in the US (here).


Thanks to both Senyor and Torq for the information. I was focusing on a switch because I did not understand that the single device (tablet) could have both power (charger) coming in and be sending digital signal out (to my external dac/amp at the same time. To be clear, the DDHiFi device looks like what I would need, but I want to be sure that using it in the way described will not degrade the audio signal going out at the same time power is coming in.
Again, thanks for the information!

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What about this?

Thanks, but all three connectors must be USB C.