USB to coax or optical?

Does anyone know of a device that is portable and converts USB to either Coax or Optical?

I am looking for something that I could connect to a DAP (or a phone) via the USB port to give me a digital output. Bonus points for something that has both digital output and analog (true) line out. I don’t need a headphone output.

If you have an iPhone, the Apple dock has a digital coax out.

The same port also serves as an analog line out

What you’re looking for is called a “Digital to Digital Converter” or you can Google/look on Amazon for “USB to S/PDIF Converter”. Too many options to list.

If it comes with an analog line output then it is, by definition, a DAC … and it’ll be the DAC in that unit, rather than the source, that’ll be output over the line out.

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Thanks @torq , I am probably better off with two separate units. I was thinking USB to S/PDIF to connect my DAP or phone to my desktop DACs/Amps and the line out to use in the cars. I think I will just get a DDC for desktop use and something like the Meridian 2 for the cars.

For a simple DDC, I have come across lots of cheap options (AE, Amazon etc.) but I’m not sure if I should opt for something of a higher grade. I know it is only 1’s and 0’s but what if it is dyslexic :smile:

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