USB to coax or optical?

Does anyone know of a device that is portable and converts USB to either Coax or Optical?

I am looking for something that I could connect to a DAP (or a phone) via the USB port to give me a digital output. Bonus points for something that has both digital output and analog (true) line out. I don’t need a headphone output.

If you have an iPhone, the Apple dock has a digital coax out.

The same port also serves as an analog line out

What you’re looking for is called a “Digital to Digital Converter” or you can Google/look on Amazon for “USB to S/PDIF Converter”. Too many options to list.

If it comes with an analog line output then it is, by definition, a DAC … and it’ll be the DAC in that unit, rather than the source, that’ll be output over the line out.

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Thanks @torq , I am probably better off with two separate units. I was thinking USB to S/PDIF to connect my DAP or phone to my desktop DACs/Amps and the line out to use in the cars. I think I will just get a DDC for desktop use and something like the Meridian 2 for the cars.

For a simple DDC, I have come across lots of cheap options (AE, Amazon etc.) but I’m not sure if I should opt for something of a higher grade. I know it is only 1’s and 0’s but what if it is dyslexic :smile:

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The Matrix X-SPDIF 2 just might be the best one out there - lots of high end rigs use it.

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Hi and welcome @nycenglish.

Welcome @nycenglish and thanks for the input!

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Thanks guys!

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If you use a Cayin or Hiby DAP, you could use this: Cayin CS-30TCR


Thanks antdroid. My DAPs are Shanling (M0 and M2X) so I’m not sure it would work.

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for a DDC, there are two main USB receivers options available:

Amanero and XMOS XU208

  • this provides coax, optical and I2S outputs using the Amanero chipset. USB bus powered or using an external supply
  • similar item but using XMOS and without I2S output. However, allows you to have upgraded TXCO clocks

Depending on your computer OS, you may or may not need drivers, but they are readily available.

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