Need source for FiiO coax cable

What model are you having issues with?: FiiO M11s

Describe your issue with the most detail you can:
S/P-DIF output from the 3.5 socket will not work without a special cable, apparently. Amazon says it is out of stock and they have no idea when/if it will become available.

How long ago was it purchased?: Today
I need a source for this special cable. It looks like this (but note the jack is 3.5, not 4.4)

Make makes it so special?

You could try this one:

And if it doesn’t work out, you could return it.

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Look carefully at the tip of the cable… it’s a non-standard 3.5 TRRS jack to a standard RCA. The amazon one is a TRS jack, and I have confirmed it does not work.

I googled “3.5mm TRRS coax digital cable” and came up with a few options, but this one looks like it’s good value.


Well, thank you!! That would appear to solve the problem. BTW, Amazon, AliExpress, Fiio themselves, 46 Audio, BH Camera, etc. etc. all show ‘out of stock’ or 'we no longer carry this item. I didn’t think of Etsy… :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
Again, thanks, and a happy New Year!