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I dig the formal welcome.

Most of my listening these days is on ZMF Atticus through various amps, nothing fancy, mostly DIY. I stream through a Raspberry Pi. Have a pair of Clears and HD650s kicking around too, and too many vintage AKG headphones.

I have lurked a long time, but signed up because of a Buy and Sell ad :slight_smile: Not the first time I have done that on a forum.


I’ve always really liked the look of the ZMF cans (especially the more complex woodgrain patterns). Every time I think I’m going to pick up a pair, I usually end up being lured in by something else. I haven’t gotten into PI endpoint streaming yet. Trying to build up the local library a bit first. I use Audirvana with a local disk and integrated streaming services. My desktop runs the main setup and I use an old surface with a DAC in another room when I am not a slave to the keyboard.


Hello and welcome @Heyoka and @poyah517.


Welcome to all this weeks new members.


Hi, names Mick and I’m a newbie to headphones. I’m 41 disabled with MS so I have plenty of time to listen. I love music and especially electronics. I’ve always loved great sound quality at home, tried in the car, and just recently have explored headphones. Man I’ve been missing out. Looking forward to being a sponge and learning all I can. Also (feel kinda dumb asking this) how do I create a thread/post? Having issues with that.:thinking:


Hi @Mick , welcome to the forum!

Not dumb for asking this, as a lot of people ask that question. Brand new members aren’t able to create new threads. This policy encourages them to look for an existing thread for their question or comment, which centralizes the information in one place.

If you have a question, try one of these:.
General Purchase Advice
IEMs General Discussion

Otherwise, you can use the search function for a specific keyword, and you’ll probably find another thread that works for you.

Edit: I see that you already found the General Purchase Advice thread. :grinning:


Hello and welcome @Mick.


welcome to the community

@TCAS , @doobedy , @Heyoka, @poyah517 , @Mick and all the others before

have a good time!


Hi! Thank you very much for the welcome! I am 33 years old and I am from Mallorca, I hope I can spend a lot of time here learning from you and that you can learn something from me!


Aren’t all Mallorcans born with pearls of wisdom?

From what I’ve seen in my work locker room, yeah, we are all born with pearls. If they are wisdom or not, I don’t know :grin:


Hello and welcome @Tommaso_Turek and @jayanta2009.


Hello all, my name is Mike! I’ve been in the headphone/Dac/Amp hobby for 4-5 years (though I have much to learn) and currently own a couple different things :sweat_smile: I just wanted to share what I have bought (and still own):

Headphones from first to latest: HD 6XX > HD 800 S > Ether CX > LCDX 2020 > ZMF Aeolus

Amplifiers from first to latest: Schiit Jotunheim 1 > Dark Voice 336se > THX 789 > Schiit Mjolnir 2

DAC’s from first to latest: Schiit Jotunheim 1 internal DAC > Aune X8 Magic DAC

My favorite chain right now is the Aeolus > Mjolnir 2 > Aune X8

I’m not sure if its acceptable to share all this here, so if It’s out of place let me know. :laughing:
I just got my Aeolus today and I plan on sharing my thoughts on it sometime soon. Hint: My new baby :smiley:


Welcome Mik37!
That is quite the collection for someone that has only started 5 years ago. I look forward to reading about your gear.
I belong to quite a few forums but this one has become my favorite. I hope you enjoy the forum as much as I have.


Hello and welcome @Mike37 and @skewed.


Hello and welcome @shouty and @iNUNi.


welcome-sunglasses-smiley-emoticon to this weeks new members, Enjoy !


Hey All

I’m Brad, live in Florida and looking forward to being part of this headphone community. I just ordered my first set of high end headphones, Focal Clear, and eager to share my experience while tapping into the forums wealth of knowledge. I’m new to high end HP gear so I’m sure I’ll have numerous questions for the folks here.

When the Clears come in I will be listening on a Parasound Halo Integrated 2:1 amp which is part of a surround sound system in my living room. The Parasound has a built-in HP amp so this will be my first time using it with quality headphones. Will spend a few weeks of listening and then join into the Focal Clear thread to discuss my thoughts, and most likely asking for some guidance. Can’t wait to receive them and get started…Brad


Hi Brad,
Welcome to the forum!
That is one heck of a start. I don’t own any headphone that high end yet. Many have talked about Focal headphones. I hope one day to listen to some Focals.


Welcome to new members. Enjoy.