New Here? This Is The Spot To Introduce Yourself

I’m Rob, checking-in from California’s Central Coast. :wine_glass:

I’ve been enjoying headphones for a bit over a year. I’m an enthusiastic audiophile dating back to the mid 1980’s.

I have two listening rooms, both with some Schiit in them…

  1. Office/Man Cave: Bifrost 2 + Asgard 3 + a Bottlehead Crack I built last year…
  2. Fireplace room: Bifrost 2 2/64 + Jotunheim 2 + Valhalla 2.

I recently “thinned the herd” and am currently down to HD 800S; HD 650; HD 6XX; DCA Noir. However, I have a used Focal Elex on the way from Canada (thanks to eBay) which is due to arrive next week, and a Meze 109 Pro (new - open box) from arriving tomorrow. I’m very excited about these two pending arrivals.

Cheers! :clinking_glasses: