OFF-TOPIC: Photography Showcase/Show-off

Wanted to create a thread for sharing photos that fellow Photography/Camera - junkies could share some of their work. Show off some of their favorites shots etc.


ECCO’S!! as my daughter called them :wink:
Camera: Sony A7III
Lens: 28-70

Info on each photo I’ll post above… I might not do this moving forward lol.

Focal length: 28mm
exposure: 1/640

Focal length: 28mm
Exposure: 1/400

Focal Length: 28mm


Does that include me with my great photography skills. :blush:. Hehe.

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I waited for the sunbeam to hit the small wood shelter
Was a nice moment in the morning with a good friend on our way to a camp

shot with a Canon 5d3 with 70-200 at F5,6(if I remember correctly) from tripod without ND filter
no PS involved in editing - just some light adjustments to the RAW in LR

not sure if this is the Panorama put together out of many shots with my 24-70 or was shot on my 15-30 f2.8 with a single frame
of course with big stopper ND Filter and soft graduated ND filter
was shot in croatia at one of the top 5 sand beaches in europe - usally you have a stone coast in crotia
this was our trip in between our baby girl dog passed away a few days before and one year later a new little best friend came to us - so somehow very sad trip, but beautiful scenery where all the winnetou and old shatterhand movies were produced - was 14 times over there as I was a kid and teenager before the war


always wanted a Gecco- the best solution against flys at home :wink: one could argue and it is such a positive and friendly looking animal- every time I see them, have to smile

These colours on the first and third pictures are fantastic. Cool you caught him drinking!



our actuall(is that a word?) baby at a friends studio a few weeks young

our old lady on her last visit at “Gerold See” shot with analog Canon 30v and Tamron 24-70 f2.8 with ND soft stopper and an old run a few years out black/white Rollei film with ASA 25

our first Ridgeback with a 50 or 85 f1.4 Sigma wide open with a screw on polarizing filter - loved this picture for the complementary blue orange mix and of course my buddy in a surrounding he loved to play around with our lady


Yeah for whatever reason the photos of them, when they were on top of the banister, were really dull. I usually only use Photoshop to resize my images (I don’t know how to do anything else in photoshop yet lol). I use Lightroom a lot…but I’m a complete newbie at it. Mostly just post-editing after hiting auto on all the auto options lol. I’m enrolled in some courses and I watch youtube vids on it when I have the time. Looking forward to getting better at taking photos, composition etc.

Your Woodshack sunbeam photo is amazing!!! I wish I could make a career of taking photos lol, it is way more enjoyable… I’ll have to get exponentially better at it though lol…plus you know actually post my photos somewhere :laughing:

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I once considered this. Unless you get into something fairly routine like wedding or product photography, it seems difficult to make a good living at it, and those paths that do provide a stable income seem like they could get boring after a while.


so many ways to come to a endresult in PS and LR- it´s hard to explain
trying out and some youtube videos can help a lot. Search a menthor - this is huge

Back in the days - I watched a few “Adam Lerner Photography” youtube videos on using LR
best tip I can give you with sliders - if it is obvious you made a change dial it 20 or 30 percent back

your images look not oversharpen nor to saturated… everything´s fine
use the EVF and pinch in on the subject - you see what you get with mirrorless and use the
exposure compensation in camera - try to do it right in camera
composition is another thing, knowing rules and breaking them… can´t write it without be ashamed with the phrase.
Would love to do fulltime on Hawaii or iceland haha - don´t have the balls … know a few freelancer and it´s not for me - was 7 and later 4 years freelancer
this weekend have a 3 days wedding to shoot analog and digital + drone footage - will be fun. After it you know what you did.

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and it strongly depends on you surroundings - in big cities - the young upcoming semi-amateurs beat down prices with poor/ok/good/superb quality and different talents

daddy pays some workshops and for the gear… squarespace hompage … a bit social media marketing…
they can rent at so many places in munich, cologne, berlin… gear for “bigger jobs”

this can work out or try the next… if you are young without family

if you have to pay your bills, and save up for new gear, have one or two backups for body, lenses and light… and keep being motivated with what comes around… beeing a good business person is half the deal… the rest is hard work and if you can play out your talent… wow! huge respect


Yeah, Key word is “wish” in my statement :wink: but I think I might try my hand at some jobs on the side to help offset the cost of new lenses etc…plus I kind of want a drone now…

Parrot Anafi is mine - V2 comes out these days

the dyi stuff is to much reglemented with no flight zones build in the app

the Anafi can zoom in, can rotate camera not only down - it can rotate up - flying under a bridge… or the opening shot from down under a building pointing camera up… flying back while zooming out and rotate the camera down… you can do so much more with the anafi
25 minutes with the V1 and V2 should have 26min flight time
you can load batteries with usb-c powerbanks(power delivery recommended) on the go … the dyi stuff needs a loading station

the only thing with anafi - it has no obsticale avoidence cameras build in - but you have eyes - so what

I recommend the app “map2fly” and check out the reglementations in your country

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Thanks for the tip! I was looking at the DJI stuff…but I’ll have to look at the Parrot Anafi now!

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and the most important thing - it is the quitest in the wide price range under 2k

you are the ninja type - fast in and out :wink:

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Love this thread. I’ll try and post something later.



Singapore? on top? or maybe Alaska, or even Vancouver? beautiful pictures though! I’m looking into putting a bunch of my captures on stock sites =) just need to organize my pictures first…and finish post editing lol.


Thanks! First one is Hong Kong. Here’s a few more from back when I worked there.


Drones are not about specs; rather, they are about getting the device home in one piece! Their expected lifespans are pretty bloody short in the real world, so DJI has an insurance and replacement program. My Mavic Pro decided to crash itself into a tree, and they replaced it for a new one ($232 chassis swap). If it had crashed over water or got stuck in a tree…sigh…

Based on my research I’d personally avoid Parrot products. I’ve watched too many videos of Parrots going astray or having serious software issues. I love YouTube drone endurance videos, as they show product behavior at the limit of remote control range and battery life. However, plenty of people have destroyed a brand new DJI product on their first flight (e.g., 30 seconds or less).

I generally concur with the PC Mag evaluations below. I’d choose:

  1. DJI Mavic 2 variant
  2. Autel EVO
  3. DJI “other”
  4. Parrot
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Used mine in stormy wind, no problems. Over the sea, while out on our boat…
Parrot got so many firmware updates and I have no problems with range or software.
Most Anafi Videos on youtube are old ones. Saw some flaws in old videos.

If you crash it, all original parts can be bought cheap at amazon and it can be self repaired.
Do you want to loose a 1300 dollar drone or a 600?
I am no ambassador - just happy user.

If some one has no brain - he kills all stuff. “First 30sec” tells me people are idiots.
Drones are no toys. They are tools. With potential damaging stuff or injure people.
“At the edge of batterie” - the return to home works perfect and you always can stop it

With the slow mode you can easily manouver in the smallest rooms without or with GPS connection. With dji, you can’t because the obstacle avoidence system kicks in.
You can adjust slow and fast modes.

Are you a user or did you made up your thoughts out of getting input from other people?

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