Off Topic : Tattoos

Hey everyone,

Thought it would be fun to create a thread for some of the members that have or appreciate tattoos :metal:

I’ll kick it off with some of mine. Hopefully not showing too much skin that it is against the rules.



I think tattoo art is awesome. That said, I’d be concerned with the aspects of tossing that much ink into your body. I have friends with some great artwork. Some tattoo artists are really good. I have a friend that regrets inking himself to excess when he was in his early 20s. He’s 30 now. Hard to undo it once done. Limits some job opportunities from people hiring who don’t accept the artwork.


If you got a good tattoo artist then dont let them go. It looks like you have had some excellent work done.


congrats on the pieces, Evan @R3D !


To start, here is my leg sleeve:


@DEXCOM7 Awesome work! Love the shading work done on the front of your ankle. How did the foot feel? I think that was one of the most painful places on my body.

@rrwwss52 I agree that it will not be easy to undo. Would probably be easier to just remove the arm and leg completely :sweat_smile: For the most part they are always hidden at work but luckily work in an industry and an area where they don’t raise too many eyebrows.

@MartinTransporter Thank you! Been a few years since any new additions. I seem to wait long enough between sessions to forget how painful it can be.

@perogie Thank you! There have been other artists that I have looked at but I like sticking to one and keeping the style consistent and flowing. That said I still have a bare arm and leg that I have been thinking of doing something to contrast the dark imagery I already have.


@R3D Thanks, My foot was not that bad… unlike my inner thigh or my knee… Mother of God, That shit was painful LOL.

I got more work ill post later :slight_smile:

@DEXCOM7 Oof yeah inner thigh is the kind of pain that will change a man. Knee was rough in that whenever they would get to that area that doctors tap to check your reflexes my knee would twitch like crazy :joy:

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Couldn’t agree more. Just when I thought that kind of pain cant be felt again… Here was my inner bicep. Ohhh the memories. lol.

I always got a kick of people who have “tattoos” and say they dont hurt… Yea you have no clue.
Specially at the conventions… People would pass by while I am getting my back blasted and they say… Why you cringing?, The back does not hurt… My artist would just nod his head in disagreement…I just want to punch them in the face (at the moment)

When doing color it goes to a different level, specially when blending over passes… It will make a grown man tear up.

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Conventions were the worst for token tattoo questions. Cool experiences though. My chest piece won best black and grey at one so I like to joke that my boobs are famous :rofl:

Ohhhh yeah my lower back was spicy. That was one of the only places I had to tap out and take a break. Say what you want about women with lower back tattoos but hats off to them for sitting through that.

Can’t imagine getting color done like yours. The white highlights in mine at the end have me gritting my teeth.

Are you planning anymore pieces or set for a bit?

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LOL! Bad ass art work for sure!

The white highlights… bruh! :cry:

Yes, I am waiting for the right moment. I want to get my whole torso done by Jesse Rix.

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Just checked them out. WOW. That color work is incredible. Amazing how he creates a sense of light as well. I am always super impressed with color artists but my god I couldn’t sit for that long. I probably have ~150hrs on me and usually split it into 5hr chunks. We did a 10hr session at a convention once and I pretty much gave up on life after 6hrs.

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Here are some of my other pieces


My longest session was 12hrs straight no brakes… Inner bicep, I… will… not… do… that… again.

Yea man, he is at a whole different level.
There are so many artists out there I want to collect from… Juan Salgado, and Baxter to name a few.

About 8yrs ago I try to get on Juan Salgados book… (Way before Ink Masters) and it was impossible.

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Oh man the piece on your inner bicep is AMAZING. You are a stronger man than I going that close to the armpit.

Can’t believe the amount of detail packed into the owl as well. Texture looks like you could reach out and feel the feathers. I spy white highlights too, still makes me shiver.

Maybe you’re like me too in that my favorite piece is on my back but its such a bummer to not be able to get a good look at it ever.

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Thanks bro! You got some amazing work for sure bro, All of your pieces are amazing!

Who did your art work?

Yea! And tbh I try to keep my art work away from the sun so not much exposure except at the conventions…

Here is me at the last convention.
3rd place B&G XLarge Art:

Here’s a video from 2010 of me getting my arm done in Thailand


Traditional tebori! Awesome experience!

Thank you! They are all done by Nic Westfall out of Sacramento CA. All of the artists in his shop are amazing and specialize in large scale black and grey. If you ever find yourself in Sac definetly stop by the shop, super cool setup they have there.

I am the same way. I find that with all the black in mine its pretty uncomfortable to be in the sun for a long period of time too. Its like wearing a black shirt you cant take off.

That’s awesome! Congrats! Did you work on it the show or entered it finished already?

Wow that looks amazing! How long did all of that take?

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I entered finish already. the XL line usually does not have much there in the shows.
Ill hit up the shop for sure when I go to my next convention up in SA, CA!