Off Topic : Tattoos

It took 3 8 hour sessions. I was living in the shop at that point so I came away with 5 more tattoos when it was all said and done.


Here’s my kind of tattoo:

Here’s my level of pain tolerance:

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Ha, Nice thread…still need to post up some of my pictures… Some of the work here you all have is dope!

I tend to fall asleep while getting tattoos…weird reaction to getting tattooed lol… I still need to get back into the shop and finish up some work as soon as this stay at home stuff ends

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That is some awesome artwork (ink)!

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Left forearm tattoo


Very nice artwork. Artist?

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I’ll pull his card, I’m a random new artist kind of guy…variety is the spice of life…plus I’ll get random tattoos while traveling…

Nice. I am not ballsy like that… I went through two bad experiences so now I am very careful.

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I have a couple bad tattoos;) but, hey whatever we all get old and ugly eventually;)


LOL, True.

I didnt cover them, is part of the experience. I did clear some real estate though :slight_smile:


Blast from the past thread!

End-game tattoo

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Was about to tag @CarterKeller since he was going to be living in thread but good to know he found his way here anyways.

Oh yeah boi! That’s my leg :smiley: