Op Amp "rolling"


Has anyone here replaced their IC Op Amps with discrete devices. currently looking at SparkoS SS3602 and Burson Audio V6 Vivid and V6 classic?
I know that there are many amazing amps to be had, but I’m looking to upgrade my DIY Pimeta v1. I figure that with mild tinitus from sport shooting / hunting and my time in the USCG, the more esoteric stuff would be a bit of a waste. I am planning on getting a newer headphone to upgrade from my HD580. They still sound great to me. The only mod on the 580 is HD600 mesh backs and HD650 cable. Also planning to get a tube amp at some point, either DIY kit or ready made.

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If you use the search function in the community you will find several threads, but nothing unified.
One of interest to you may be here:


You mean replace existing/stock opamps w/other ones? (opamp rolling). I’ve done that on my Matrix M Stage HPA-1, to very good effect.

That Sparkos opamp is much praised as an option for a Nord Class D amp I’ve been jonesing for. Many like it for slight warmth & relaxed/musical sound.


I’ve done a considerable amount of op-amp rolling and have found that results are mixed depending on how well the vendor did their homework to start with. Some devices show little change with op-amp swaps, others show distinct differences which is not to say that difference is the same thing as improvement as I have seen times when trading in a different op-amp was a distinct step backwards. The thing to do is spend some time learning about the electrical parameters of op-amps and really understanding what terms like slew rate mean to your application. Op-amps with similar electrical characteristics are usually your best bets for replacing an existing one. Going to something too drastically different from the originals specs can result in oscillation and ultimately to destroying your equipment if left in that state. Just because it will fit the socket doesn’t make it an appropriate op-amp for the circuit.


I am waiting for MassDrop to get the V6 Vivid’s and I will swap them into my Burson Fun.

I ordered a Loxjie hybrid tube amp on Friday. After a few sips of the world’s smoothest rum on Saturday, I ordered a pair of matched Russian tubes, supposedly.

Tube rolling and op amp rolling are SO much cheaper than buying new components. I know tubes can go astronomical, but I won’t be getting into that.


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I put up two new posts on Op-amps on my blog that might be worth taking a look at. The first is an intro to Op-amps, the second is a comparative review of the Burson products vs the Muses02 and the SparkOS products. https://audiofool.reviews finds me. :wink:

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Just to follow up on my original post, MassDrop did get the Vivid’s in and I ordered them last Friday. The drop closed today and they are supposed to ship May 21st. Looking forward to comparing.

Shane D

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My Vivid opamps are leaving MassDrop today. Very curious to compare them against the Classics in my Burson Fun.

I also ordered a Loki from Schiit that shipped yesterday.

I am no audio purist. Let the sound shaping begin!:grin:

Shane D

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Please let us know how you get on with them.