Podcast on the (complicated) history of Monster and Beats

Business Wars did an episode on Monster and Beats that dives into their origin stories and complicated legal wrangling. Personally, I had no idea how involved Monster was in Beats development. If you’re interested in business/headphones/not losing a billion dollars, it’s worth a listen.

Monster vs Beats by Dre https://art19.com/shows/business-wars/episodes/c835d782-bd04-44dd-95cb-1f6f32b454f3


Awesome! I didn’t know there was a business wars podcast on headphones. I actually listened to the one on Netflix vs. Blockbuster and it was well done.

I’m listening to this right now. Awesome so far

Seriously though— they are pretty hard on Kevin. :wink:

Totally. There’s a lot of editorial in there on Kevins motivations… wonder who’s version of the story that is?

Right on. Mondays are always a slow podcast day for me until some shows start to drop between 4-6pm est. Thanks!