PS4 Headphone/Mic

As the title says. I am searching for a pair of headphones for the girlfriend to use for the PS4. I have narrowed the search to something open, very easy to drive and compatiable with the VModa Boom Pro. Ease of use is really the key. The PS4 has a 3.5mm jack in the controller and this is want she will be running the headphones from. I could not really find a whole lot that fits this category. So I was thinking maybe some more experianced opinions would help. As of right now I was thinking about a used or new set of Fidelo X1’s off EBay. Thanks.

May I ask why you would like open headphones? Usually I tend to get better sound placement (Footsteps, gunfire etc.) with closed back headphones.

For open back, look into the Sennheiser HD6xx series. I have used them for PC gaming with no issue and they have pretty good sound placement. The other thing to note, is that higher end open back headphones are harder to drive, and the PS4 controller might not have a powerful enough amp to drive these headphones to full volume, or even good volume. I can plug my HD6xx into the PS4 later today and try it out if you would like.

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The problem with the 6XX is the proprietary connector going into the cups. It has to be compatible with a Boom Pro. Open is the only option due to the girlfriends preferences. She does not like her ears being closed in. The headphones are more for a fun use over a competitive edge. The only two I have narrowed down are the above X1’s and SHP9500. Power is going to be the problem here.

There are also the Beyerdynamic open back headphones which are supposedly very good. The 990 is open back but the cord is not detechable. The 1990’s are GREAT headphones but they are also $600. They come with a removable cable. I just tried the 650’s on my PS4 and they are amplified just fine. Unless you want to go deaf they play at a good volume!

Another option is to make a custom cable for the 650’s. If you are any good at soldering it is relatively easy and you can make a short cable that will work with the 650’s.

However I think the X1’s will work just fine, and they sound good to boot.

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I just got the X2’s from Guitar Center. I was considering the 1990’s for me personally but ended up need closed back so got the Shure SRH 1540’s. I got a custom cable form Periapt but have always wanted to try making my own.

Thats good to know that the 650’s work well enough.

My go-to recommendation is Sivga SV007 with the BoomPro. I’ve written about it here.

I had never heard if Sivga before. They look clean. Thanks for the heads up and the mini review.