RMAF 2018 (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest)

Who here is attending this years RMAF (Rocky Mountain Audio Fest)?

Drop a note here and if there’s interest I’ll either organize a post-show get together somewhere fun (I lived in Colorado for my first eight years in the US), or a meet-up during the show.

My fiancé is going to come with, and she’s Ms. Talk to Anyone about Anything, so any poor spouses that don’t want to talk headphones/audio will have a kindred spirit in their midst.

Maybe next year…

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Then … how about CanJam NYC 2019? :wink:

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let me look at the dates…and ask the wife… then see what else can be done that she would be interested in… lol

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CanJam NYC is a possibility. I’ve always wanted to go to RMAF and the Vegas CES, but they are both sorta low on my bucket list. I can grab a train to NYC and arrive by about 9, and can take an afternoon train back to Lancaster. Don’t want to drive in NYC anyway, no place to park for much less than the train tickets.

And if I stay over, there are always some places to go, like the Iridium.

Will you be in attendance? This is literally in my backyard and I will probably go. We should have a forum meetup haha!

NYC has a BUNCH of great spots for live music. If your into cigars, I frequent The Carnegie Club a lot and they have some great bluegrass, jazz and folk music there most nights.

Also, if you park in big city’s… well ever, I found an app that looks for parking deals in high traffic areas that works great! It is called SpotHero.

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Yes … the girlie (who will be my wife by then) and I will be there!


Am I really the only person here going to RMAF this year?

I know @andrew and @taronlissimore are going to try to make it.

No one else?

Sadly I don;t have the funds to make a cross country trek. Have fun though!

I would love to be able to go but circumstances and being in the UK makes me unable to attend.


I’ll be there all 3 days. =)


@taronlissimore and I are trying to make it out. It’s going to be a bit of a last-minute decision though. @Ishcabible is planning to be there.

If you love headphones and you’re only going to go to one North American show, I’d recommend RMAF.


Maybe next year!

Just moved here to Colorado so will definitely be going to RMAF! Down for post show pre show whatever you guys and gals are up to!


@andrew and I booked our flights this morning so we will be attending. If you are around definitely come say hi!


Man I would love to go to this…I’ll talk to the wife about going next year. We might look into going to NYC for the next big conference.

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All packed now.

Just have to decide what I am taking audio-wise.

It’s not a long flight, and my ears will probably be burned out while there (especially where they haven’t recovered from this week’s listening yet) … so it might just be the phone, Apple or AudioQuest dongle and QC20i/ER4-XR.

The QP2R w/ ER4-XR are tempting …

Or I could just go all-out and do the WM1Z w/ EE Zeus XRA (not ideal on plane, due to the Adel modules).

See you there!

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Ill be bringing my EARS just in case I get to measure anything! I’m super pumped to meet all of you.


I will be there in spirit. Hope you all have a wonderful time.:grinning:.


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