Canjam SoCal 2023

Canjam SoCal 2023!!

September 30th - October 1st @ the Irvine Marriott

Last year was a blast! Looking forward to see you all again and hopefully meet more of you this year!!!

So who’s going?!?


I would love to, but unfortunately, thats the first week of Autumn quarter 2023 so I cannot get away.



I will be attending. Three years in a row :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m going. First time!


I have flights already but I also seem to have a work schedule that is growing by the minute, added to 3 weeks vacation this summer, I’m starting to feel doubtful :slightly_frowning_face:


Going to try to make it if I dont have to fly to Europe then


Last year was pleasant and I can’t wait to go again this year. Just went to THE show recently and it was probably my most relaxed audio show I’ve been too


What are some of the things you guys are most interested in seeing at the show?

This year will be more relaxed and just hanging out and checking stuff out for me. Last year I was on a mission to find an amp for my Susvara. So I focused on that pretty much the whole time and skipped a lot of other stuff.

I’m pretty set now, so I can just enjoy, relax and explore. :grin:

I definitely do want to spend more time at ZMF this year, if I can fight my way to a seat!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Busy, busy room)
Still haven’t owned one so that’s a strong possibility.

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The things I’m most interested in seeing haven’t been announced yet :wink:

Exhibitor list is at 80+ now. This show is going to be absolutely wild!


I was hoping you’d say something like that!! That’s exciting :astonished::grin:!!


Boo! If there was a dislike option, I’d dislike this post.

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I think we’re mutual there.

This doesn’t count the brands that are int talks for booth shares, are just showing up to hang out, etc.

From what I’m working on behind the scenes alone, I think the brand list that will actually be there will be close to 100.

With how CanJam NYC went, this one has the potential to blow that one out of the water.

(Hopefully, we just don’t have the very painful and entertaining travel delays or the end at 4 AM setup time again).

(Hopefully, I get to room with @Chrono again if he comes because having two Sebs in the same room was extremely entertaining and full of degeneracy - don’t ask for more information. Pedro Pascal?).

I’m stoked! See yall soon :disguised_face:


Yes, the new brand list that was recently updated has me very excited!


N00b question: can we bring our own cans and try them out with various audio equipment?


Yup! Just make sure you communicate that to the person at the booth that you are doing it at.

Some headphone manufacturers will have rare amps at their booths though that you may want to plug a competitors headphones into and they may not be as willing to let you do so.

Other than that, generally no issues!


As Taron said, I always ask first, but every amp manufacturer I’ve asked at either CanJam or Axpona has been fine with me using my own headphones. After all, it makes sense for you to use something that you’re familiar with.

It feels a bit awkward to ask, but it’s also worth asking headphone manufacturers if you can use your own headphones as a baseline to compare and contrast with their headphones. I’ve never had an issue with that either.


After seeing LTA pair its amps with three very different tiers of DACs and headphones, you might want to bring along everything other than the item being evaluated.


This is very good advice. Its also worthwhile to bring along some kind of digital transport (like a dap or a phone with an adaptor) since not all places will have an internet connector or a particularly great music selection. Personally I like to bring along one piece of each gear if I am trying to isolate how something sounds.

  1. Phone + adaptor - for music when places arent on wifi. Also make sure to download your main tracks since service and wifi are always spotty at conventions
  2. DAP + 4.4 to dual XLR - Use this as a known dac. Its not the best when looking at super top end stuff like T2/Grand Cayman/AIC-10/WA33 Elite/etc, but I find it usefull for basicaly anything that isnt that tier when using a nice dap
  3. Whatever cans I care about most (for me its sus)

Super Stoked!! This will be my 1st time. Looking forward to checking the ZMF portable prototype and a couple other goodies from Zach, my buds at Bloom Audio, Cayin (would love a C9) and I think mostly portable headphone amps- I’m in the market for one at the moment! @generic… Spot on advice with what to bring… including adapters and cords!!