SALE PENDING: McIntosh MHA200 tube headphone amp (located in Toronto, Canada)

**Price. 2000
**Ships to: Anywhere
As close to as brand new as you get. This was my first experience with McIntosh and it is as anticipated. Drives my Abyss Diana Phi beautifully and effortlessly with excellent midrange. I had the much more expensive Woo WA33 and sold it just a few weeks ago, and don’t miss it at all while using the MHA200. Unfortunately for me, I have too many amps and this one was too conspicuous and could not escape my wife’s eye, and so, have to move this one on. Previous owner on CAM had it only for a few days, and now, me for a few days too. No issues sonically, mechanically or cosmetically. Original packaging materials will be used and also will double-box for shipping peace of mind. Note the voltage is fixed at 120V.

Located in Toronto, Canada. Price is CAD$2400 which is roughly US$2000. Price does not include shipping or paypal fees, if any.


Still available and as close to new as you can get!

Bumpity bump still available. It’s a beauty. Note that I have lots of trader feedback on headfi. Here is my ad there as well.