Schiit Audio - Official Thread

Schiits multiply faster than mouses, they are endemic :wink:
You can roll tubes with something between 4 and 30 dollars and get great stuff.
I feel like I start loving silver.
wonderful stuff I see.
Thank you for sharing and enjoy.

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Just out of interest, is there a reason to turn off a solid state amp, other than preventing component failure due to overheating in class A amps?


Electricity bill’s a reason here.
I’m on a budget :wink:

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No real technical issues that I am aware of and I have been a EE and ET for 40 years…Even with Class A. Yes it can get warm or even hot…DEPENDING on the heatsinkng and enclosure…the Pass Labs HPA1 is BIG and gets slightly warm at best. The semiconductor components are very well heat sinked.
Most electronic devices are often left on all the time for stability…lab stuff…

So the question is if the design of the device is good and the circuit stability dictates its accuracy etc that vendor will tel you if its desired or required based in its application.

Pass has told me its ok to turn off the HPA 1 but it takes about an hour for the amp to stabilize…in listening tests there is no discernible differences that I can detect. It burns up approx 20+ watts. Not much at all. Not even a dent to the electric bill.

Schitt has told me things like the YGGY2 should be on for a few days to stabilize, but the Bifrost 2 I was told its pretty much ready from a cold turn on…so again it depends.

Safety wise I would not leave anything of i was to go away for a vacation etc…and especially any “hot” tube device.

Back in the early days of Schiit the first gen Asgard and Lyr 1…these Class A devices got really HOT and there was no way that I would leave these amps on.

Schiits way to solve this is with their move to Class AB operation…a lot less heat, but had to solve that trans conductance droop thing which they have!



The other consideration is that some devices experience the most ‘stress’ when they are powered on. In that case doing just one power on/off cycle per day would be preferable to turning them on and off several times.

Unfortunately I don’t know of a way to reliably determine if a device is happiest with once per day on/off cycle.


This can be of concern.

But if the device is well designed and the power supplies in the unit are well regulated this becomes a non issue.

With my Bifrost 2 I have turned this unit on/off for ever it first came out…and to think of all the other electrical devices we all have that are turned on/off many times each day in our domiciles…

A bigger concern IMO would be the MTBF for the mechanical switches etc…also with tubes they would mostly last longer being on all the time instead of numerous on/off cycles. But this isnt a good example because this would mean lasting longer “continuously” so is this a real concern??



I saw this video some days ago from PS Audio YouTube channel.
Quite clear about the argument.
Apart from bills, safety and common sense I have no technical competence into this thing.

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That’s a whole lotta Schiit!

Nice opinion from PS Audio…pretty much agree with all he said…the thoughts about actually sounding better is a subjective one, and YMMV IMO.

Also the thought about 10-20 years and stressing electrolytics in the power supply? Well the caps at these ages might just becoming old from being “old” and the turn/off cycles…again how many folks have stuff for 10 - 20 years…and is it a real concern? YMMV.

And as he states its not really a big thing…the big thing for him was the apparent improvement in sound with stuff being on all the time.

Turning tubes on and off can wear down the internals as well, especially if you dont allow the tube to fully cool down before the next power on cycle.


Yeah this is a situation where I believe some good use of reason get better results than supposed technical theories.
In 20 years will I be still alive?
It will be my son’s problem at that point.
I live in a really isolated place and electrical lines here aren’t the best to be kind and polite.
So everything is on during the day and everything is off at night.
Except I forget it but it is an old man’s problem :wink:


i just need to say that i broke in my modi multibit and it has ruined me on cheap dacs. looks like i’m selling a modi 3+. i’m curious if anything compares in the price range and size of the unit. i’ve heard decent things about the modius, although i’m skeptical