Schiit Audio - Official Thread

Me too!! Tinkering can be a real thing too lol


Sweet. The balanced in-outs are another improvement from the Loki.

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Some use the term “tweaking”. @Roark @perogie


As long as your not a tweaker :wink: :joy: that is something all together different


Or a twerker! Twerking with headphones on would be disturbing :grimacing:

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Is a tweaker a new piece of Schiit gear being released :eyes:


Ordered mine…been waiting for this. Currently use the BBE “maximizer”, which I like , but I’m sure this will be an upgrade. Certainly will have more control :+1:

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It probably should be.


This fact is what sold me on the Lokius (and btw placed order yesterday afternoon, shipped out today…what??).

I was thinking of buying an extra Loki to run from my DAC to my 2nd amp. Now I can just use both the XLR and RCA outs to provide EQ to two different amps. Though I guess the settings may change between the amps…


Ah yes. Good idea. Running out from both XLR and RCAs.

My Lokius arrives today. Glad I ordered right away. Now there’s a 2-4 week wait.

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Works as a gem, can even have it on top my CMA400i without any hum. Enjoying my Verite trying it out :+1:

The darkness around the LED light is a darkener, the white led is intense.


I put light dims over the led too. Sounds great. The pass through is super clean sounding.


Short stack of Schiit! The Lokius Arrives. They do ship fast. Quiet, no xfmr hum from the Valhalla 2. This setup works well with my HD-660S and HD-580.

Modius next, but the motorcycle needs new tires. Priorities…LOL.


Does your Lokius get as hot as the Valhalla 2 stacked like that? My Valhalla aways gets super hot. I also have a Lokius that is decently warm even by itself not stacked.

I’ve only used it for a couple of hours so far, and haven’t checked for heat issues as yet.

Schitty manual…it has the output and inputs labeled backwards.


Thought I lost my Schiit…… my Lokius left Corpus Christi on the 19th and then went dark for almost a week. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Just showed up in Seattle, so hopefully I’ll have it tomorrow…? Can’t wait to try it out.

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That’s odd. Typically it’s pretty quick.

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Damn. Damn. Damn. That photo made me realize that the Lokius would look really pretty either below or above my Bifrost2 and under the Lyr3, and with both balanced and single ended input and output it could, like the BF2 does now, send balanced to the STAX SRM-T1S and single ended to the Lyr3.

Which would mean that my Loki (which I guess is now a Loki Mini no plus) could go somewhere else. Like maybe in my office system from pre-amp out to amp-in on the integrated.

What do I care about how it would look anyway. Must tell self that. Damn. Damn. Damn.