Schiit Audio - Official Thread

I received my first little Schiit stack!

These are the Modi 3+, Loki Mini+ and Vali 2 (and some RCA cables). The customer experience wasn’t great as the Vali 2 was not in stock and I waited for the backorder for about 3 months. The initial delay was supposed to be 2 weeks (and I never got any update unless I asked). Also, I live in Europe so I had to pay $50 in shipping and $130 in customs fees, but that’s on me.

That being said, they feel like very good quality and sound good. I use them to drive my DT 1990 Pro and Focal Elegia. The EQ allows me to experiment with the sound of these, so I’m glad I got it as well.

The only thing I’m concerned about right know is how hot the Valid is when turned on :flushed:


Yeah, it is. I don’t know what’s going on… I also have a Hel2 coming to replace my sons Hel he got for Xmas that died. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday and showed it was in town but was never “out for delivery”. This morning I look and it’s been shipped up to Spokane (about 600 miles north) !? WTF ? I have like some kind of shipping gremlin f*#•ing with me. :rofl:
To be clear, neither has anything to do with Schiit and both are different shipping companies Lokius = USPS & Hel2 = FedEx.
In fact, in light of the smack talk about Schiit lately, let me say this…. My sons Hel stopped working. Sent it back. I did pay $10 bucks to send it back . In my opinion paying shipping to return it is normal. (Did the same when my Arya died with HFM.) They called to say they would replace it and asked if a Hel2 would be ok, since they’re not making the original anymore. My response…” Hel yeah !!” . With the Lokius, I ordered it on a Friday night. It shipped Monday morning, way ahead of what I expected or was quoted. The problems (not problems really, I’m just impatient) are with usps and fedex…not Schiit. The Hel took a dump, yeah. Things break. They replaced it, upgraded it actually. So… All is good. Just don’t understand why it’s in Spokane :joy:


It’s about time Spokane had something good happen to it.


Your Hel went straight to Hell. It has a natural affinity for such places.


My Lokius showed up Saturday right on schedule


Hey friends! If anyone is around this evening at 6:30 pm PT I will be hosting a live stream discussing my first impressions on the Schiit Lokius! Hope to see you there!!


Finally got a chance to hookup the Lokius this morning. Haven’t really listened yet but can say there’s zero noise. Also, this Schiit’s got nice knobs…lots of ‘em. I know how you guys like knobs. :grin:


I love knobs! The more the merrier.


Mmmm very nice @Audiophool. I would love to own a Schiit Lokius.

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Thanks to everyone who joined for the Lokius stream! If you missed it I will leave it up for a bit so you catch on the rewind!!!

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I have a unique scenario scenario where I was able to compare two Yggy’s. My only reason for comparing, I was really curious about leaving the power on to see if there is a noticeable difference in sound. (and I was able to choose a black Yggy over the silver Yggy)

I recently picked up a silver Yggy and black has always been my preference but I figured black would be difficult and just went with the silver. I’ve had a discussion with someone interested in the Matrix I was selling and they were also interested in a Yggy but couldn’t pull the trigger at that price point. We’ll, a black Yggy came available and I inquired on a time frame that someone would be potentially interested. Instead of dragging this story on, I have second Yggy on hand that came in yesterday, the previous Yggy was running for most of last week, power stayed on. Both are A2’s with Unison by the way.

Here’s a small hitch. The second, black Yggy has a transformer hum. The more I used it, the quieter it got but it was still there. I still am going to give it more time and see if I settles in and potentially goes away or is it just a mild nuisance or a potential problem. Side note, it sounds good and works with usb and fiber.

Now before you think ground loop, the silver was completely silent. I took the black one down and put the silver back in it’s place, quiet. Back to black, slight hum but it was there. Now, same everything, same power cord, same usb to signal re-generator (usbe) to ipad out to Decware csp-3. Power is equi core 1000 power condition and deep core 1800 removes dc, efi and rfi.

So, I have one comment and one question for the group.

Question, does anyone with a Yggy have any of what sounds like a transformer hum?

Comment: I was unable to tell any difference between the sound of the Yggy that was on for five plus days versus the second Yggy that I basically got off the Fedex truck yesterday, swapped locations with the first Yggy, powered it on just long enough for the lights to stop flashing and run it.

Does the black Yggy issue arise when you power down, disconnect, and remove the silver Yggy from the system?

I completely remove one, I’m basically swapping between the two, never running both at the same time.

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Was scrolling through the last few months of convo in this thread and don’t see a lot of chatter around the Gungnir MB, more so the BF2 and Yggy. I know the Yggy is well liked and the BF2 is viewed as an incredible bargain for what it provides, but I would be curious to hear what people think. There’s a big discussion on Head-Fi around how people view it as a substantial upgrade over the BF2, where I’ve also read that they’re more just different flavors on equal footing.

Context - I have a BF2 and have a GS-X mini incoming, with a desire to pick up a Forge soon as well. Has me investigating DAC upgrades while I’m at it (and after I get some run in with the BF2/GS-X combo first…)!


I talked to someone at schiit and they told me if you have the bf2, there was very little improvement moving to the gungnir and ever since that conversation, I never pursued the gungnir. I don’t remember them being sold very often, either bf2 or Yggy.


My understanding is that where Yggy is a direct upgrade to the Bifrost, Gungnir is basically a whole different sound signature. I’m told Gungnir is intended more for use with speakers than headphones. I haven’t heard one firsthand, though, so take that with a grain of salt.

Regarding your transformer hum, as much as I love Schiit their quality control leaves something to be desired. If you call them and report the problem, though, I’m sure they’ll get you hooked up with a fix or a replacement right away.


I’m not sure where the gungnir stands also as far as the sound signature and best usage, I just remember the conversation. I don’t think I’ll venture to figure that one out.

The hum has settled in and I barely notice it. It doesn’t impact the sound. I talked with schiit and they said that’s the way it is. I didn’t get a really good response why one is more quiet than the other. It is nit picking because I’ve listened to them side by side. I’d bet if you never listened to one before, you’d never know.

Now with the qutest in hand, like the weather changes, so has my hardware setup. I’ll be letting the Yggy go for the desk space as I still have another amp coming as soon as FedEx figured out when they want to deliver it.


I find your endless quest to find “the perfect audio chain” inspiring, though the speed with which you go through components baffles me. LOL

Play on player.


It’s completely nuts. We need to have a bet how long I can keep the qutest, two decwares, eikon and two power core conditioners. It really is a really good sounding setup.


I appreciate the answer! Interesting to hear that straight from Schiit vs. the discussion on HF, goes to show you what we tell ourselves when we want to believe something haha.

Having said that, means I’ll need to do some more research into BF2 upgrades then, or maybe just wait for a Gungnir MkIII whenever that comes.