Schiit Audio - Official Thread

Anyone here running the new Yggdrasil LIM? I picked one up in September and am really just starting to get to know it. I went from a BF2 to the 2541 to the LIM. It’s like a super-duper 2541: clean, slamming, detailed and it images, on the 2CH system, like crazy (!!). It is just a touch on the dark side. Overall the tone is very neutral, though, which suits me well.

Where it really excels is in tone and texture. I have never heard better piano, sax, drum-tones out of a DAC. It also renders a lot of room cues, trailing reverb, breath - the extra-musical information - giving recordings a really vital feeling.

I’ve not been here much in the past few months, but I thought I would check-in and see if anyone else is working with one of these or the MIL. I am curious about how the MIL and LIM compare.