Schiit Jotunheim 1 w/ AKM DAC Card - $265

Schiit Jotunheim 1 w/ AKM DAC Card

Price: $250
Currency: USD
Ships to: Anywhere (buyer pays shipping)

This is an Schiit Jotunheim version 1 with the AKM-based delta sigma DAC card. Selling because my Chord Hugo 2 just got freed up from my 2-channel setup, so that is becoming my desktop unit. I do not have the original box for this, but will package it with great care. Includes power cable. Perfect functional condition, and near-perfect cosmetic condition.

***Edited from before. Originally listed as multibit, because that’s how the unit was represented to me when I purchased it from TMR Audio. Thanks to some eagle-eyed forum members, I was able to confirm with Schiit that this is indeed an AKM chip based delta sigma DAC card rather than the multibit card. Price reduced accordingly.

Happy to answer any questions folks may have!

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Price drop from $350 → $295

Thanks to some eagled-eyed forum members, who spotted that this amp may not have the multibit DAC card, I engaged in some back and forth with Schiit audio (great service!) and confirmed that the amp does NOT have the multibit DAC card, as had been represented to me by TMR Audio, where I purchased it. It has the delta sigma AKM-based DAC card. I apologize for the oversight, am thankful for the constructive feedback, and have reduced the price of the unit accordingly.

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Price drop to $250. Ignore price in title.

Is this still available? Would you ship priority mail to Alaska?

Hello! Yes, still available. Buyer pays shipping, but I’ll ship anywhere. If you’d like me to estimate that cost, PM me with a shipping zip.

My zip is 99518, USPS priority flat rate is the way to ship to AK,. It is faster, 90% of the times, than FedUp.