Sennheiser HD600 official Refurb $119

Sennheiser HD600 Refurbished (official) for $119


These were my first ‘real audiophile’ headphones and an amazing deal for $119. With a balanced cable and amp they are very neutral and sound much richer/deeper than their image or reputation. My guess is that most sources of their release era (~20 years ago) had trouble driving them, leading to the bass-boosted 650s.

They bumped the HD-650s off the Innerfidelity (Tyll era) ‘Wall of Fame.’ Their primary limitation is of rounding off dynamics and transitions – becoming too smooth/slippery. However, this profile is easy on the ears.


Yea I ordered one at this price. I hadn’t listened to one in years and can’t complain at this offering price

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great price…too bad I’m trying to reduce my headphone collection at the moment… seriously well within impulse buy territory right there!


Yes this was a total impulsive buy, as I am also trying to downsize my collection after my big spends


That didn’t last long. I was thinking about it and they are gone…:frowning:

Shane D

If Senn is marking refurb HD600 down to $119, what does that do to the market for used/refurb’d HD6xx ? I would think with the lower asking price to start with, they’d be $99 maybe?

They do still have HD650 refurbs in stock for $220

Yeah, but you can get brand new HD6XX’s for the same price.

Shane D

I guess you have to live online for deals like this or you simply miss them.
I assume as they’re official Senn refurbs that they come with some warranty, so you can at least tell if you got a thoroughly checked out pair.
With all the >$2000 cans floating around this is simply a no thought purchase if you have balanced gear.
Sorry I missed it, as I’ve wanted to replace my sold 600s for years.

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