Sennheiser HD 600 for $249 on Amazon

The HD 600 is currently $249 on Amazon


I think I got mine, also on a sweet amazon deal, after I had collected a bunch of other headphones from Fidelio X2 to THX00 Mahogany Fostex, and many in between… Had to learn what all the hype has been about. I like to think of my headphones as “horses for courses”, and I absolutely love those 600s! They are a little weird and dated looking, the shape is beautiful to me but the weird finish… and of course they don’t have the most intense bass response but it’s all there, totally great extension, they are just not overhyped… It’s one of my favorite pairs of headphones, I have yet to try the 650, 6XX, or 660, but I really do love those 600s as part of the arsenal!

Oh, and I will plug my Aeon Mr. speakers that I purchased from these great gentleman at! They are absolutely gorgeous, and especially amazing for clothed back planars! Just freaky good in my opinion.


It certainly won’t get any better than that for a legendary set of cans. Good eye on this deal. Especially for someone new trying to get their feet wet into headphone. These cans have been giant killers for a long time.

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Massdrop has the 6xx in stock with free shipping for $199. I’ve been watching it for weeks but just got a deal on the Audeze Mobius so I’m going to take those for a spin first.


Wow! No doubt $199 is the lowest I ever remember.

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Well said sir. :slightly_smiling_face:. It’s a pleasure to come here each day.