Shure - Official Thread

Shure is a well known brand and it is used worldwide in recording studios and live stages.

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With an increasing market of wireless devices, Shure announced today two headphones to its portfolio, known as Aonic line.

Since they’re huge company they probably can afford a big Rock/Pop star to do their commercials. :upside_down_face:

Technically if one is already owns any of SE line, the Secure Fit Adapter can be acquired separately (RMCE-TW1).

Still on preorder. Soon enough we’ll start seeing the reviews on the Aonic 50 (SBH2350).

One way to turn me off on a product is to use Adam Levine as a spokesman. He lost all credibility when he did ads for First Act musical instruments for kids, and said that he used them. The man is an ass.

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Shure HPEAC 1540 Pads are the best pads ever made, fight me!

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Yep, those pads are really good. But until now I’m only using them with SRH1540 (stock).

Are you aware of any other cans that these pads could be used besides the SRH1840 which has the same form factor than 1540?

I got the pads on my Fostex T50RP.
Together with the AKG foam disks for the K-270 or K-271 they fix the comfort issue and dampen the treble spike.

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If anyone has previously been turned off of Shure headphones by the tinny sound of SRH940s, I’d encourage you to give the 1840s a listen. At $450 retail these days, I believe they are a steal. (Original MSRP was 700.) They aren’t neutral, and they have light sub-bass, but they are incredibly natural sounding to my ears, especially with live acoustic music, and image like a pair of well designed bookshelf speakers. I’ve owned and demoed many mid-fi headphones at or near this price, and this one one is in a different league. Obviously ‘natural’ is a subjective attribute, but I believe if this headphone had originally been marketed for hifi rather than studio customers, more would agree with me.

Also, I find them to be lightweight and very comfortable, just enough clamping force to keep them centered on my head, and their construction is metal and leather, which ought to be standard at this price but unfortunately is not.


I have also the 1840, for most of the songs that i listen to, it is totally fine with me. This is my 1st mid-fi headphone and paired it Burson Soloist SL. Although in the long run, the real problem is the leather cushion and in my place they do not service the replacement of it, instead they will offer 20% on the next Shure purchase.

I have been having an eye for the 1840 for a long time now. Apparently given up after purchasing the HD600 and the 660s.

But for one wanting the 1540 or 1840 I’d wait until the next Black Friday. I have seen a $100 discount which may be better spent somewhere else.

I still use the 1540 every now and then though. Specially when my wife is demanding silence.

Sent two support tickets in a row, and no response on this in the past weeks. Definitely a yellow flag for new consumers.

Is Shure still ghosting you guys? This is not what I’d expect from a major hifi and pro-audio manufacturer.

I have interacted with them before w.r.t. another item and my experience was quite OK.

But I’m afraid with these 2 particular items:

  • using the regular support form;
  • concerning the 1540/1840 headband cushion replacement part.

… no answer so far. I should probably call the toll free number. Just not in the mood for doing that as of now. My 1540 is still less than 1 year old.

EDIT: to the benefit of doubt I ended up shooting a 3rd request – already had the wording in a text file. Only now I received a feedback email with a support code (typical code from Salesforce). So there’s a chance they were having issues in their support system. :crossed_fingers: this time.


Folks, good news. Support team answered me w.r.t. headband replacement. Their words:

The Cushions are not sold separately. They come as part of the headband assembly which is everything between (but not including) the speakers. This can be ordered by calling our parts department at 800-516-2525 option 3.

I called them and the cost of these parts are:
– SRH1540: ~$17
– SRH1840: ~$24

Plus taxes and shipping.

That’s not bad actually. Hope that helps.

Cheers, :beers:


@frkasper, this is great info, I suspect I will be overseeing if/when my headband begins to flake. Thanks for sharing!

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Interesting. Found this out today:

I might give a chance on the 3. I wonder how they compare against the SE-215 or even the Etymotic?


It’s that time of the year in :us: :

It looks like I have two months to decide whether I get the SRH 1840 or not. Other promos from other brands will decide. :wink:

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Elevated distortion or not, the 1840 really is a pleasant headphone to listen to. I have never regretted my purchase, notwithstanding the measurements.

What else are you considering?

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Most people don’t realize these are phones to be used by PROs which will probably wear them for many hours straight. I don’t think someone would be listening at 80dB+ levels at all times. My point is, these Shures are to be listened at lower levels. My 1540 is great at that – e.g.: ~70dB or lower. Not to mention the comfort… :relaxed:

I’d consider the newer or the higher end IEMs but none of them are included in this promotion. Not in a rush. I’m keen to give it a try on the 1840, even owning the HD600. I’m aware of the neutral-bright redundancy in both, but it’s always good to have a B-rig. :wink:

Anyone have any experience with the Shure Aonic 50 closed back headphones? Impressions?