Shure - Official Thread

Shure is a well known brand and it is used worldwide in recording studios and live stages.

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With an increasing market of wireless devices, Shure announced today two headphones to its portfolio, known as Aonic line.

Since they’re huge company they probably can afford a big Rock/Pop star to do their commercials. :upside_down_face:

Technically if one is already owns any of SE line, the Secure Fit Adapter can be acquired separately (RMCE-TW1).

Still on preorder. Soon enough we’ll start seeing the reviews on the Aonic 50 (SBH2350).

One way to turn me off on a product is to use Adam Levine as a spokesman. He lost all credibility when he did ads for First Act musical instruments for kids, and said that he used them. The man is an ass.

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Shure HPEAC 1540 Pads are the best pads ever made, fight me!

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Yep, those pads are really good. But until now I’m only using them with SRH1540 (stock).

Are you aware of any other cans that these pads could be used besides the SRH1840 which has the same form factor than 1540?

I got the pads on my Fostex T50RP.
Together with the AKG foam disks for the K-270 or K-271 they fix the comfort issue and dampen the treble spike.

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