SOLD: Audio-GD R-1 DAC top "full clocks upgrade" version $760

$760 (USD)

For sale is my R2R DAC R-1 from Audio-GD, including fully discrete native DSD decoder, 7 mode selections on the front panel (4 NOS modes + 3 oversampling modes.) Has 500 hours burn-in and in perfect / mint condition.

Full Clocks upgrade version (Femtosecond Accusilicon *2 upgrade the stock clock and Femtosecond Crystek *2 upgrade on USB interface) purchased in 2020 for $889. Has newest firmware version and comes with shown USB cable plus standard power chord and original box. US/Canada only and shipping will be around $50.


@Torq or anyone can you delete this thread? It’s sold (from another service), thanks!
From Levi

Just out curiosity - what did you think to the DAC? I’m looking at R2R options at the moment and this one is a potential contender.

Thanks in advance!

Good question. Here was my personal impressions of the Audio-GD R-1 R2R DAC. In summary I thought the product itself is a lemon and doesn’t even remotely hold a candle to the Chord Qutest and can’t even compare to the entry-level Mimby 2.

OTOH Audio GD does make some pretty stellar products in other categories, currently I’m in love with their DI-20 DDC (USB interface), working some ‘righteous’ magic into my DAC with their newest firmware.

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Thank you - DAC-dodging the R-1 then! :smiley: