[SOLD]: Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Closed

Price: $600
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

I am selling my gently used DCA Aeon 2 Closed planar headphones. I purchased them on another forum last fall and they had been unused as a replacement unit directly from DCA to the seller. I have all the original materials including paperwork, tuning pads, DCA drummer cable (it was pretty messed up so I ordered a Periapt cable that will also be included), travel case, and box.

My price includes insured shipping to CONUS.

Thanks for looking.


Great price and GLWS!


I’m interested, but as a new user I’m locked out from asking the forum questions for I believe 2 weeks.

But you can private message the seller or someone you see has experience with the product. ( not me )

Yes, I have messaged the seller, unfortunately he doesn’t know if my AK120m2 can effectively power these headphones. I don’t know how hard they are to drive.

I own the first generation AEON Flow Closed (AFC). It scales with the amp, or more specifically (at 13 ohms), the quality scales with current delivery.

I’ve used it on:

  • Laptops/phones (really congested, shaky, and bad)
  • FiiO Q5 mobile amp via battery (same as a phone but worse than a laptop)
  • Drop THX AAA 789 (uneven and just okay)
  • Loxjie P20 balanced with tube and power supply upgrades (similar to the 789 despite theoretical but non-observed bass bloat)
  • Schiit Magni 3+ (good per its ‘flat’ presentation; smoother with relaxed details but superior to the 789)
  • Schiit Lyr 3 (best clarity, quality, depth, and stability by far)
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So, it looks like that while they market the Aeon 2 as a mobile headset, it really isn’t as it is difficult to power through a battery device. I did see a review where someone said it did well via a Dragonfly Red vs other Dragonfly models (I don’t know about power of those units), so I had hope that these would be relatively efficient.

Are there any closed back headphones that work well in the mobile use case? I’ve traditionally used IEM’s and my reference is the J. Harvey Angie which pairs well with the A&K devices.

I minimize my use of closed headphones to the extent possible. You might receive more answers if you ask this question again in a non-used A2C thread.

Focal’s products work well on mobile (e.g., Elegia, Stellia, Radiance). All the airplane noise canceling headphones reach their mediocre potential on either Bluetooth or mobile (e.g., Sony, Bose, etc.).

I’m new here, what is a non-used A2C thread? I can post new threads in several places, just not the buying advice forum yet.

Yes, the Radiance is on my list or if I could find the Elegia. I would also like to consider the ZMF Eikon as well. I would also consider the Stellia or the Verite if they were substantially better.

For travel, I’ve been using me Custom Fit IEM’s. I prefer passive isolation to Active Noise Cancelling as I’ve always found that ANC drastically cuts down the fidelity of the music. It’s just sitting at my desk, they aren’t as user friendly as a headset would be.

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