SOLD: Denon D2000 w/ mods

Price: 200
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

Original owner of a D2000 with lawton mods and DHC cable all done by DHC. Used this at work for a while but then kept them in storage. Just trying to clear out headphones that I don’t use.

I’ve replaced the headband leather. All it needs is a new set of pads. Plenty of life left in this headphone.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Greetings, what exactly do the “Lawton” mods incorporate? I had a pair of the D5000’ and loved the sound signature. I’ve heard if the 2000 were modded with the wooden cups they would sound the same/very similar to the 5000. Also, if you would use the USPS flat rate priority mail, would you ship to Anchorage Alaska? Thank you for your consideration and information.

Before Lawton became a company, the mods were documented on head-fi. The link below details what the mods include. Please PM for shipping estimate.

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