Sold FS: Schiit Bifrost 2

Price: $650
Currency: USD
Ships to: CONUS

Consider this a first offering for the good members of this community, it will then be posted for the mass market on the other known e-commerce platforms. If no takers on this forum, post will be removed by Sunday with price increase to due supply and demand in the open market.

This DAC needs no introduction, and you don’t have to wait 4-6 weeks to receive it.

  • Purchased in December 2020 directly from Schiit
  • Condition is 10/10, have original box and manual
  • Color is silver, sorry fans of the black components
  • I will cover PayPal, you cover shipping of your choosing.
  • Current wait time from Schiit is 4-6 weeks

More information on the Bifrost 2 may be found here:

Some images added to ensure authenticity:


I’ll need to sell mine soon too. With the wait these are holding their value and then some. Saw one go for 800ish on eBay.


For quite a while they had expected shipping times of 7-10 days, then changed it to 4-6 weeks. There are global electronics supply chain issues.


Yeah, I figured but some people tend to pay a little more if they don’t have to wait.


Now that is a bit excessive, supply/demand dictates. If you have another option, or on the verge of changing DACs this would be an ideal time.

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Yeah, not sure why youd pay over retail but if you want to sell and get almost all your money back nows the time.

Surprised it hasn’t sold. Shouldn’t take long.

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If it doesn’t no biggie, I am not using it anymore so it is my attempt for a late spring cleaning.

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Post it on headfi and list the link to here. It’ll go.

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That is a great idea, was going to wait until Sunday do post there and on USAM and close tis out. I will keep it open and follow your suggestion, thanks!

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Would totally hop on this but I already have one on order. As others have said, should go quick! Awesome DAC. Mind sharing your thoughts on it?


If it sells it sells, if it doesn’t oh well. I am not losing any sleep over it, I could give it to a friend who thinks his Bluetooth headphones are the best ever. That is actually not a bad idea, as I have to unload an amp and a pair of headphones that are literally collecting dust.

Sure, my thoughts on selling it after 6 months? Or my thoughts on how it sounds as a DAC?

I am selling it as I have a new DAC, that is more along the lines of what I was looking for when I wanted an upgrade back in December. The BF2 was highly recommended by many on this forum and good friends, so for $699+tax+shipping I thought why the hell not.

It is an enjoyable DAC, versatile in that it has balanced and single-ended outputs, and many different options to connect a digital source.
Sound signature is warm, and felt the there was a linear presentation of the music in a horizontal manner. My Chord Mojo is also a warm sounding DAC, however the presentation of the music had some front/back presentation, maybe this is called depth.

Depending on what you are matching this up with will play a key role, I believe it is a picky little bugger with amps, maybe less so with headphones.

Let me know if you have any questions, happy to answer as best as I can. I should warn you my scale and explanation is more about the enjoyment factor than the technical jargon.


Yeah no big deal, you have it at a good price and whoever gets it will be happy! I too had heard great things about this DAC and I’m not used to seeing them up for sale so I thought I’d take the opportunity to hear your thoughts on the sound and why you’re selling.

Thanks for sharing! Definitely helpful and makes me more excited to receive mine. I’m pairing with a Jot 2 and Focal Clear MG’s. Already an intimate headphone but I’m thinking this will be a nice pairing.


You are welcome, having not heard either the Jot 2 or Clear Mg I would have a gander and think it would be synergistic with the BF2. Especially the Jot as it would provide a flexible set of options in terms of gain, I/O connections that will help you tweak the sound.

You are absolutely right, they don’t come up for sale very often. I could have seen myself keeping it, however I have become a gear hoarder and of the pieces of equipment I have this one seemed to be the one which I could see the best return on when selling.

I realize I did not provide much context on my other pieces of equipment, currently I have Woo WA3 OTL and Bryston BHA-1 headphone amp. Incoming is an SET tube amp, it was for this amp where I wanted to find a DAC that would complement it well.

Enjoy your set up, I am sure it will be a great combo.


Bifrost 2 has been sold, now to figure out how to close the ad…