SOLD: Sennheiser HD800s


Sennheiser HD800s in excellent condition, I am the original owner purchased July 2021. Comes with the headphones, stock 1/4" cable, stock 4.4mm Balanced cable, Hart Audio Cable without interconnect, box, manual, and USB stick.

Price $1150 (Paypal Invoice), includes PP fees and shipping (Con US only) with insurance/signature


Hey there- very interested here. Is this still available?

Hello, yes they are. They are in pretty much brand new condition. Pains me to sell them but I need help funding my ZMF Verite purchase. You know how this hobby goes

I get it my friend! I own a VC and definitely recommend you get a pair. Been looking for the 800S as a complement. The Hart audio cable if comes with- does it include an XLR termination?

My wallet hates me but I am hoping my VO and Aeolus will keep me content for a while.

The headphone cable does not come with the interconnect:

You will have to purchase the interconnect suitable for your needs:

It’s only $18 for an XLR

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Will do, I can ship these today if not first thing in the morning.

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Thank you! Post removed


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Appreciate it! Figured that out after the fact lol

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