SOLD: Sonnet Audio Morpheus NOS DAC *price drop* again $2150.00

I’m putting my Morpheus up for sale. I’m the first owner, purchased it beginning of September 2020. It has the silver faceplate.

It does not have the MQA or i2s modules.

Selling for $2150.00 dollars, shipping and PayPal fees included. CONUS only.


How was this dac? Compared to others?

I would describe it as easy to listen to without sacrificing details. I didn’t really have anything to compare it to.

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What are you getting in place of it?

My goal was to raise some money by replacing an expensive system with a less expensive but still good system. Replaced the Sonnet with the NEO iFi DSD.

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I was just going to buy this. But I’m in China. Can you make an international shipment? If possible, please give me a PayPal account

It’s already been sold.