SOLD: SPL Phonitor X (w/ DAC module) Headphone Amp/Pre-Amp - Black - $1,795

Price: $1,795
Currency: USD
Ships to: USA

Selling my SPL Phonitor X (w/ DAC192 module) headphone and pre-amplifier. I used this as my primary solid-state headphone amplifier both for reviews/comparisons (my review of this unit can be found here) and listening for pleasure.

Selling because 95% of my listening time is either via the SR1a or my tube amplifier, I don’t do reviews anymore, and I am consolidating gear ahead of extensive/prolonged travel.

Functions perfectly.

Cosmetically, two of the labels on the front-panel show some wear (common to this model), as shown below (see near the power and output switches) – but otherwise looks like new with no scratches, dings or dents. This picture shows a blanking plug installed in the ¼” TRS socket, but that just pulls out.

I’m the original owner. It’s been kept in a pet, child, smoke, cologne and virus-free home. Will ship in its original packaging.

Price includes PayPal fees and fully insured shipping.

Not looking for trades. Must have appropriate participation/trader feedback. Discount for cash-sale with local pick-up.


so the decision was made =)
I’m on the fence about moving mine along as well… but man do I like the thing for its clean solid state experience.


Yeah … and one of the hardest decisions I’ve made when it comes to my audio gear. I’m still a big fan of the thing, love the aesthetics, love the functionality, and still haven’t heard a better solid-state amplifier.

Logistics of a multi-year world-tour mean I can’t, practically, keep and use everything … so it’s a case of pairing down to the stuff that gets near-constant use and I can justify carting all over the world …


yeah… I’m looking at my current gear as well and thinking about what I should move along… get some real estate back on my desk…


What a nice deal for someone. GLWS

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Must … not … buy …


The correct answer is, I’ll get an audio rack to sit next to my desk…





Highly tempting especially where this sits at the top of your Sailing Away Top 10 SS amp list.


This is now sold.

Only audio-thing(s) I had a harder time letting go of was my Yggdrasil … and maybe my original LP12 (nearly 30 years ago) …

Still my favorite solid-state headphone amp …


May it find a worthy home.

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