Sold: Woo Audio WA5-LE (2nd Gen)

Frankly I don’t want to sell this, but I’m likely buying a DNA amp and I don’t want to be stuck trying to pay for it when it’s ready. So moving on from this awesome amp while it’s still in fantastic condition. It’s less than 6 months old (Built in April 2022). It looks brand new.
I didn’t really expect to like it this much and whoever ends up with it is going to be a very happy camper.

This is the upgraded version with the mundorf capacitors retails for $5699.

This amp is sold

Comes with Amp, umbilical, and stock tubes.

I have an upgraded tube bundle I will offer to the buyer of the amp only. These are the tubes in the pictures.

1 matched pair E.A.T. 300b’s less than 100 hrs
1 matched pair 1963 Melz 6N8S less than 100hrs
1 pair National Union 5U4G rectifiers less than 20 hours.

Bundle available for $500+ shipping and PayPal fees if using G&S to buyer of amp only.


Someone buy this amp! I had the non upgraded version for years, and absolutely loved it - and preferred it to MANY other amps I bought and sold. Only DNA was able to separate me from it - just like you :wink:


Damn! You’re @andris 2.0. Lol :joy:

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It’s a hard standard to meet. :crazy_face:

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I know, right!? “Hey, look at me. I’m @jthvac. I have the same amp as @andris BUT BETTER!” :roll_eyes:

jk, of course - I’m super happy for you, @jthvac, that you got to play with this amp for a while! It’s a beautiful beast. :heart_eyes:

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It’s hard to let it go, but you have shown me the way


Seriously though, this is a fantastic amp at this price. Especially with the tube upgrade. I significantly discounted them because I want them to go with the amp.


I’m happy for the both you. It has been a big year for all of us upgrading and/or changing our toy preference. I’m loving the WA 22 and I got the Final Audio D-8000. :grin:

Anyhow @jthvac. I’ll do the same thing I did with @andris to try and help with the sale. I can purchase one of your rectifiers if you have trouble selling anything as a packaged deal. Just PM me or on this thread and maybe we’ll work something out. Thanks guys and enjoy your killer set ups!!! :pray:t2:


Bumping this puppy, everyone enjoy their weekend.
A new amp purchase makes the weekend even more fun!


GLWS… hope this finds a home and you end up with your DNA!!!

If you do end up selling without the extra tubes though…I’d love the 300b’s and Melz for my new Envy !!

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And congrats on the Envy it’s beautiful!

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Thanks, PM’d ….20 characters


Now on the hunt for huge tubes…


Yes, literally salivating over the possibilities.


Awesome man, congrats!!


You getting the……

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@jthvac congrats on the sale and we’ll finalize and talk tubes at a later date. Way to go! Now the DNA can be your main focus. I could never sleep if I had both the WA 5 LE and DNA Stratus. Too much of a good thing. :smile:

Those are beautiful, and I’ve read great things. But the amp is coming with National Union 5U4G rectifiers, so I’m going to upgrade the rectifier last.

I think my progression will be:

First, WE 300b’s and Gold Lion 300b’s. I think it’s good to have two upgraded sets from the jump. Will want to get the Taks at some point down the road, but not for some time.

A the same time, I’m going to reach out to Brent Jessee about some Sylvania 6SN7s, but I’m on the prowl for Tung Sol 6F8G’s (for which I’d need to get some Woo adapters). Haven’t had much success on those yet, though.

Rectifiers last. At that point, I hope I’ll know a lot more about the amp, the various tube options, and what I want from this last pair of tubes.


I could never sleep if I had both the WA 5 LE and DNA Stratus. Too much of a good thing. :smile:

Well I sold the WA5-LE and the Stratus is heading back to Donald, but…

I’ll sleep like a baby while I’m listening to this!


Everyone, I just want to say what a great experience it was selling this amp to @wkesquire! He’s a true gentleman, do not hesitate to buy or sell from him on this forum.


Jesus John! I can’t keep up with you. Lol your a wheelin’ and Dealin’ amp machine.

So the WA 33. Well. You gotta be staying put now. :laughing:

Buddy I can’t believe it. I could cry for you. This is such an awesome amp and the presence alone you must be going nuts.

So tell me. What music are you loving so far?

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