Specific Use - Thread for when you find a headphone that just works for a particular application

A week or so ago I got a Vindor electronic saxophone. I posted in the unboxing thread. I’m slowly learning to play it, and usually pair it with an old iPad because the Vindor apps are pretty good. One of them lets me easily tinker with settings, the other is a basic synth/midi app to allow me to play additional sounds.

One minor deficiency of the instrument is that the plastic body has a shallow ridge too close to the headphone jack. This means that big fat TRS plugs aren’t the best fit. While they do work, they don’t seem to lock in. Have a plug with less size, and it’s just fine. I wrote to Vindor, and they will probably fix this in the future if they tweak the mold.

Anyway, I took the instrument with me this weekend, and pulled out my old Sennheiser HD-580 that I bought when they first came out. This not only fits well, it’s easy to drive, and is an excellent match for the Vindor. I’m bringing it out of semi-retirement, and it will get good use in this specific application. Synth sounds real nice, good bass, even from the internal electronics.


That’s great, bringing new life into and older headphone.


The very definition of specific use headphone for me is Galaxy Buds. I like the tuning a fair bit but they lack technical performance of everything else I own. Where they shine is using em in the gym. TWS is truly a blessing for running and lifting. Helps that they’re waterproof too.

Since my buddy Juan isn’t here, I’ll add that cheap earbuds can be great for biking, since they specifically don’t isolate and also don’t take up much space in a helmet.

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My gym/flying headphone is still a Senn HD 25-1 II, I also use it with my RockBoxed HM601 which has a nice parametric EQ that I take advantage of to tune HD 25 to fit my tastes

I’ve had it for like 3/4 years now and I don’t even review with it, it just exists for when I need isolation exercising or flying

Koss Porta Pros with BTR 3 for the gym and phone calls.