SPL Phonitor X DAC/AMP - Official Thread

Just had a question, I had posted above but still don’t know the answer. " Does any user know if the XE manipulates the L/R signals in the analogue domain to create a front/center image"

All manipulation (i.e. the entire “Matrix” function) is done in the analog domain.

You can adjust the “angle” of the “speakers”, as well as how much crossfeed is applied. With the right headphones, and a suitable recording, you can achieve a number of effects, including a front/center image.

Bear in mind the “Laterality” control is really just a very fine grained balance (left/right) control.

Thank you so much, I’ll pass that along. .

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has anyone found anything as resolving as the Phonitor X/XE that’s closer to the size of something like a SMSL SU-9?


I’ve heard that the One D doesn’t sound as good as the X / XE

@TylersEclectic compared a gsx-.mini to a phoniter. Might be worth checking out.


Question for the class-- those of you who have used the Phonitor X with a Susvara–

I assume you set DIP switches 1 & 2 to ON, to maximize gain. Are you driving the Susvara off of the speaker outputs or the 4-pin headphone output?

Asking for a friend :wink:


^^^ also interested for when I purchase a Susvara in 2049