Surprising detail you heard in a song - that no one else probably has

As the title suggests, share those “gotcha” details and shocking revelations you’ve heard in a song on a particular piece of gear that you never thought existed - even if you have listened to the song a thousand times. Timestamps are appreciated so we all can listen!

On top of my head:

Artist: Tool
Song: Pneuma
Timestamp: 8:48 and 10:48
What happened? - STRANGE CLIPPING! Very strange considering it’s a 2019 album - only noticeable on some transparent gear.

Also, did you know Metallica’s “And Justice for All” album did not have bass? As in the producer forgot to include the tracks. If you hear a remaster, those were possibly added later. I will post the interview at a later time.



Love this thread! I was just thinking about this the other day, that Fidelity is sometimes a double-edged sword.

The most obvious example for me, is around the 3:29 mark in the song:

Same thing, mic gain off, weird clipping and distortion.

Sam Kassirer has played on and produced a bunch of records I love, so I wrote to ask him if this was a source specific error and got back a pleasant non-reply.

In the end I suppose, they chose the best vocal take even though it had this issue knowing that most people were going to be listening to this on a Bluetooth stereo, but now I cant not hear it.


Manic Depression-Jimi Hendrix. At around the 1:50 mark Jimi mutters something that I cant post here.
Im a Hendrix freak,and have heard this track so many times I cant even count,but the first time I heard this thru the Verite closed,it became clear as day.

Unfortunately the original studio recording isnt on YouTube,so youre gonna have to find your own copy to check it out.


I can only imagine with the setup you’ve got going these days, that you are hearing more than most of us. :wink: As a Jimi fan, I am going to have to pull out my K10U iems, and see if I can hear that.


I have a fun one, that i just picked up on with my ultra revealing Noble K10U iems. At the beginning of this track, Ottmar Liebert - Butterfly Dream, you can actually hear what sounds like a butterfly flapping it’s wings in the left channel, after Ottmar strikes the first few notes. It sounds almost like an echo from the notes played through some sort of pedal. Cool Stuff!

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I just found another one, and it can’t really make out what is said. At the beginning of Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs, there is someone whispering something during the first :04 - :06 seconds of the song. I wonder if anyone can hear what is actually being said? @Monsterzero, I think you probably have the gear to make out what is said in the whisper and I would love to know if you do check it out.

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Bridge of Sighs…oh what an amazing song! I will give it a go next time im on headphones.

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No, the bass was not forgotten. This is a very well known topic, and the article below presents several explanations. These include that the bass lines doubled the guitar notes, the band was going for a new and unique sound, or that they intentionally masked the bass by turning up other instruments.

I think the most widely accepted explanation is that the original band members were either still upset over the recent death of Cliff Burton and/or hostile toward “new kid” Jason Newsted. The tensions between Newsted and the others were widely documented, and Lars Ulrich in particular demonstrated obnoxiousness on many occasions. I’m inclined to believe the spite story – these were young and angry men.


At around :14 in “A Bit of Finger” (or “A Bit of Finger / Sleeping Village / Warning”) on the first Black Sabbath album there’s a little bubbling sound in the right channel I’d never really recognized as a distinct sound before.

Really well-recorded album. I always thought the lyric “I was born without you baby” didn’t make sense. Turns out “Warning” is a cover song. The original lyric is “I was warned about you baby,” hence the title of the track, but apparently Ozzy didn’t know the actual words.

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This is going to be metal571’s favorite thread! Lol. I remember one video of his he was talking about two guys sitting around a speaker in a store saying, “wait, did you hear that?” and just hoping that was never him some day (or something to that effect.)

I was watching that video thinking, “those guys sound like me!”.

I finally got around to trying to hear what was said in the beginning of Bridge of Sighs. Unfortunately the volume needed to clearly hear it is much too high for the rest of the song. I dont wanna blow out my ears if im a second too late pausing the file.
Whatever it is thats said must be funny as someone else chuckles immediately after the fact.

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Unfortunately, Tool being my favourite band, Fear Inoculum is full of clipping. 3 or so of the main tracks have it.

Apparently it appears when a certain tracking of a certain bass guitar was used. Rest is clean. Bit unfortunate!

Love the album still.


That is a bummer, because other than the clipping, it sounds pretty darn good. I am a big fan, too. I have seen them live a few times, and man what an experience.

Yeah. It’s not uncommon for Tool though. Previous albums have some artifacts too. Is what it is.

Lareralus is still a great hifi experience. Album and song itself

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Something I mentioned when I started this thread but didn’t follow up on. Here you go Headphones Family.


At the start of Hotel California, there is another guitarist, playing a contra-melody quietly in the background, and the pluck is a bit fizzy, as if the strings are nylon, or perhaps it’s just slightly out of tune…