The Anime Thread

Don’t be, there are a lot of chapters that are very short. Some are like 8 panels you just gloss over.

You mean “…On Kuroiwa Medaka” right? I might give it a try.

Been enjoying Blue Period more and more as well as Faraway Paladin. Been good so far.

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Watched the first episode of the anime as I was looking for something slice of life: solid.

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A couple weeks ago I saw the original Ghost in the Shell in an IMAX theater. It was really cool and I wish they would play more anime like that. The only movies that regularly play once a year are Studio Ghibli stuff. (I can never get old of those movies.) I really want to see anything by Satoshi Kon in IMAX.

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I think because of the success of releasing Demon Slayer in theaters, we’ll start to see more anime showings…hopefully.

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I still need to check out Demon Slayer. It looks cool.


Just doing some random internet wandering and Blue Period got some crazy hype as a manga, like crazy. I may need to engage.

The anime has been really good so far.

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Yes, it’s frickin good! It’s up there alright. All aboard the hype train. :steam_locomotive:
Saving the anime for later once I catch up w/ manga. It has looong chapters fyi.

Btw, pushed through some 86 eps yet? Don’t know if it’s just me but each ep keeps getting better and better.

I didn’t really realize this but the Mugen train arc is pretty much the movie. I mean I figured it was but I was hoping for something different. Oh well, will skip this one and just watch the added scenes, if any. People are so butt-hurt down in the comments. Just don’t watch it. lol

Slowly, OPM manga is taking up my time.

The anime, especially the last episode, is very good. Has a sincerity and insight to to it you rarely see. I thought it might be melodramatic nonsense but it doesnt appear to be. Ive briefly looked at the manga. I think the first chapter is like 46 pages or something. I might start it.

I dont know why they would do that? Unless they thought that not everyone would be able to see the movie and felt it important to the overall story. It seems like a self contained arc though so not sure about that. I haven’t bothered to watch it.

Takt.Op is good. Platinum whatever kind of went south with the second episode, plus the subs kept dropping on me, which is frustrating.

Takt and Blue Period may be he standouts this season unless something else creeps up out of nowhere. Still a couple I haven’t seen any episodes of yet, like Paladin, but I have no idea what that one might be like.

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Possibly more hype or maybe to cater to the Jap tv audience…

More serious isekai from what I’m getting from the manga. I still like Mushoku better though. I predict it to be good but not must-watch.

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I need to get back to Mushoku too. Watch list… grumble….

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I just watched the first minute to check out the art - I’m excited for this one. I’m going to watch this and Blue Period as my weekend anime upkeep.

So maybe Komi, Blue and Tact as this seasons watch?. Should look and see if anything else new is getting buzz. So far Blue is way out in front after only two episodes.

And One Punch manga is still great, I could argue about some problematic elements within it but I can accept it as just part of the world the story takes place in. They need to put out another season of the anime. I want to see how they animate some of this. The manga does such a good job of conveying action and the absolute crazy scale of some of the battles.

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*cough…86…cough :mask:
*cough…Mushoku…cough :mask:

Heard Ranking of kings might be good.

But yeah 1st ep of Komi was good. Also caught up to Kuroiwa and I can totally see it being adapted into an anime in the future.

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I got to finish 86 first before Mushoku.

I can watch during the week between the drops of the new ones.

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