The Neuroscience of Loving Music

The Neuroscience of Loving Music

I watched this again. Very enjoyable.


Whatever the brain chemical is for loving music, it pours like water from an open hydrant for me! :slight_smile:


There was a study a few years ago on the experience of getting goosebumps listening to music, it’s apparently not a universal thing (I’s always assumed everyone experienced it), and the study tied it statistically to denser connection in the brain between the emotional and auditory parts of the brain.
Though I think the number of people in the study was probably too low for it to be definitive.


I am one of those that get this and it’s like a high feeling. The goosebumps are coupled with the urge to tear up and cry in certain passages, strangely in songs I wouldn’t have though to be sad either.

I’ve brought this up in a few places with not many relating, except the goosebumps.

The odd thing is it’s easily broken in my chain by small adjustments such as removing the convolution or using a different HQ Player filter.

All I know it’s an amazing experience that I am addicted to.


The term is Frisson, and it can be triggered by more than just music, poetry, art, movies can all instill it. Some of the specific triggers are understood, and as much as 50% of the population never experience it.

For me at least it’s dependent on a lot of things, how engaged I am with the listening, the mood I’m in, the chain involved and of course the content.


Yes. I’ve documented my first encounter elsewhere and can invoke it instantly on my stack with specific recipe.

I’m currently on a journey to find out if it’s possible with other cans less costly or more and the correlation. I suspect it’s a combination of HQ Player filter, the convolution and my gear synergy.

So far other transducers haven’t been possible to replicate it.

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