Music that moves you

This is for those songs that tug at your heartstrings. What are the tracks that bring a tear to your eye, give you goosebumps, or a warm and fuzzy sense of nostalgia. Maybe it’s certain instruments, genres, a vocalist or a special artist.

For me Nadia’s Theme has always been one of those. I always get goosebumps when I listen too it. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of my mom watching the “Young and the Restless “ in the background or the memory of “Bless the beasts and the children” which I remember being moved by as a kid also. I should watch that again it’s probably been over 40+ years since I’ve seen it. ( it could suck, maybe I should leave my memory alone, lol). Whatever it is I love this song.


This one is one of my hard goosebumps and one of my favourite tracks.
Max Richter, “On the Nature of Daylight” from the Album “The Blue Notebooks”:


This is one of the threads that I (and probably many others) have been waiting for. THANK YOU. I am also a real sucker for beautiful, emotional, tear-jerking music. I will in the future submit my list for music like that, for example “Gabriels Oboe” or many of the tracks from the “Out of Africa” movie soundtrack. But for now, below is a list of my current favorite songs for listening to lovely music, mostly vocals, which I like for their melodies and/or words. It’s for listening to popular songs such as this that I got into the hobby of higher quality headphones:

A love so beautiful – Roy Orbison
One moment in time – Dana Winner
Sonya alone – Brittany Ashford
If tomorrow never comes - Ronan Keating
Cuddle up – the beach boys (Dennis Wilson)
Tell him - David Foster and Pia Toscana (or the
duet by Barbara Streisand and
Celine Dion)
Just about anything done by Secret Garden
(Just be careful, schmaltz alert)
Gulumcan - Murat Isbilen (a beautiful Turkish
A ghost in the house - Alison Krauss*
Remember when - Roy Clark*

  • Especially if you are in the older category

Looking forward to hear others suggestions. Thanks again.


I find that almost all Reggaeton moves me, usually as far away from the source as possible :wink:


Emmanuel - Chris Botti featuring Lucia Micarelli in Boston.

It never fails to trigger emotions in the parent in me knowing that it was written in memory of his son. This particular version is especially beautiful … the back and forth between the violin and trump is just so unique. you can definitely hear the story in the music. Anyways, make sure it’s the version in Boston as no other version ever captured the beauty of the song.

you can also watch the performance here:


Thanks for that. It is beautiful…can’t recall ever hearing a trumpet sound as emotive as in this. Added to my library.

Glad you liked it. :relaxed:


Lovely album, one of my favourites from Jóhannsson

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