The Trouble with Radio Paradise & Curated Music


What is the trouble with Radio Paradise? I really like RP and support it. And Yet. And Yet.

Is it just a little too curated? I almost always find something I like if I listen for a while. On any of their streams. Saturday night before having to do too much family stuff tomorrow, I’m listening to the Rock stream. Even hearing some interesting stuff I’ve not heard before.

But there is always stuff that I think I won’t hear on RP. I don’t think I’ve heard Alpha Blondie. Nor Queen Latifa, Hmm when did I last hear some James Brown? For some reason, I think they’ll play Paul Butterfield some time, but Savoy Brown? Maybe not.

I can’t put my finger on it.

Anyway this thread is for little niggles about RP and any other curators. RP is nice in that it is clearly persons doing the curation Curation algorithms are worse and have less scope. Far better to start perusing the ROON database and let your fingers do the wandering.

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I like the Main Mix. It moves between genres and some how keeps thing related. Adds perspective to what you are listening to.