New to Me Music — New to You Music — Discoveries from the Trash Heap of Life

OMG. I read up some on how and why to use Roon because I wasn’t getting it. I think I am getting it right now. Started tagging some of my favorite artists. I think that right now my big problem with Roon is that I have a bunch of still un-ripped CDs and lots of vinyl. So Roon doesn’t know that much about my tastes. So I started to educate it. Soon it popped up a nice and familiar Zappa track. Reading notes, I saw reference to Flo & Eddie, who sang with Zappa quite a bit, and whom I have on Turtles and one of their solo albums.

Then Roon mentioned that they did some “inexplicably weird reggae” BINGO!

I’m listening to

Never heard this before. I can tell it will become a favorite. 1981. What was I doing that I missed it?


One of the best sources of new, old and in between music I found is from “Radio Paradise” . They bill themselves as “eclectic”. Amazing they are listener supported, otherwise free station. Nothing but a few words in between 3 or 4 songs. Like "Thank you for listening . We found after had good it was, we couldn’t help but donate a few bucks with all the pleasure it gives.
I don’t know how many times I’ve gone a bought a cd as a result of hearing a great artist I had never heard of before.


Back in the day of used CD stores, I’d walk down the aisles and buy stuff randomly based on the cover art. At least 50% of them were not worth much ($1 to $2), but I made a few discoveries. The most memorable cover art award went to Jane Jensen, “Comic Book Whore” (typical 1990s alt-pop/rock):

Thanks for the callout to Radio Paradise. I added them to Roon on my iPhone and listened for a while last night very quietly as I went to sleep, using the “bedphones” found after my post about needing a comfortable headphone to sleep with.
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Radio Paradise has a very nice linup, with about half music I knew well, a quarter music I did not and a quarter music I’d never heard. And yeah, I used to like Sirius Attic before they took it off, just like they say on their web page.

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Ah yes. I’ve bought several cds after hearing artist I had never listened to before. Their lineup is billed as eclectic. Includes all genres with no advertising. World music not just what we know.