Topping D70 DAC

The Topping D70 is $400 for Amazon Prime Day:


Pretty nice deal here. Even better than the (Mass)drop price, which is usually $425.

I bought one from Amazon, arrived today so that is insanely fast shipping from China to the US. Unfortunately the thing is DOA…

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That’s too bad. It’s not a driver issue is it?

No, it’s already confirmed by Topping that it is a brick. It does it instantly when turned on, not even connected to anything.


Hope this is not a common thing. Bought one on Amazon as well a couple of weeks ago. Shipping is very slow to Canada though, should be receiving it in mid to end of August. Were you able to get a refund or a repair for free since it was DOA ?

Yes, I have to ship it to a California warehouse for return and they are sending me a new one.