Topping / SMSL deals

There is a seller on eBay offering lower end Topping and SMSL dacs for cheap right now.

I just ordered a D30 for $43 with free shipping and not bad transit times because why not.

The prices are low enough that I’m a little wary, but I’m confident in eBay’s consumer protection.


Thanks, I just ordered a D10 for 35$!

skeptical pricing there, but tempting even though I dont need any of it.

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Thanks! I just ordered a Fiio BTR3 for $22.

When you live by a spec sheet you must die by a spec sheet. These are good products but getting old – they’ve got to move the merchandise to make space for the next generation. Law of diminishing returns…commoditization of Hi-Fi…

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Fair. Assuming it ever arrives I’ll use it for some quick comparison and then pass it on to a HiFi curious friend.

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Well, I got a message yesterday saying it has shipped…


Well, judging by the result, it seems this was indeed a scam.

My package was delivered to another person in another city (who it was actually addressed to). At first I thought they had possibly given me the wrong tracking number but after looking at the recent votes on the sellers account, it seems that they have done this to everyone and will not respond to emails or contact.

I will give them the mandatory 3 days to respond and the I guess I will open a dispute.


That’s rough to hear, hope this gets solved soon !

Thanks. It’s only about $35 (so it was worth the risk as I was looking for a DDC for work) and I’m sure PayPal/eBay will sort it out.

Did you hear anything yet @Jaethan or @darmanastartes ?

Same thing happened to me, I’ve already been refunded.

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Ah, this sucks. Mine hasn’t been delivered yet, but I’ll start the same process.

I know this was a scam, but I don’t really understand what the scam was? None of the payments would have cleared, everyone is going to get their money back. Seems like a lot of effort for nothing.

Yes, seems strange. Also the seller had a good track record until this last month. He has 41 negative votes and 39 of them are recent.

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Unless the seller-account was banned with active transactions in play, anyone purchases that were not disputed would have credited.

And since the sorts of scams cost essentially nothing to perpetrate, even one standing sale may be worth it to the oxygen thief doing it.

Hijacked account, most likely.


Ebay scams can involve almost anything, and rely on buyers not reporting issues. I once bought an uncommon Spyderco knife (retail $200) for under $100. However, the product photo was straight from Spyderco’s website.

The knife arrived and it looked odd, but was generally close to what I had purchased. Then I found other listings with the same actual model for $25-$50, and a long warning video on Youtube about spotting fakes. So, I returned it for a refund and reported the seller. After that I sought out and reported a couple dozen more fakes on Ebay.

Clever scammers will deliver a product and count on buyers to be ignorant or lazy. You do indeed receive something of value, but nothing close to the original product’s value. There have long been “voodoo electronic” black-box devices with no functional value, but they continue to be sold because only a fraction of buyers return them. Those compulsive shoppers who keep a useless device (often unopened for years) provide enough profit for the business to endure.