True Wireless (TWS) Earphones

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That is correct. Aside from the 30 day fit guarantee, where the original purchaser gets a “do over” they are once and done.

This technology follows well-established light curing synthetics (e.g., composite dental fillings and tooth surfacing) available several decades ago. I doubt that it’s patented any more. If this approach proves successful, there may be a slew of vendors selling universal soft larval stage tips. It could cut into the CIEM market and improve the fit for a wide range of IEMs.


Yes. I have used a light-curing synthetic “glue” and wood-finishing pen a few years ago. That was my immediate thought when I saw the UE Fits on the website. Having constructed fixes for weak charging cords using this, I was pretty sure of what to expect.

What may be patented, or at least costly to duplicate is the associated app. Setup was seamless, and the app is well-designed. I had one glitch with the app after setup, deleted it and re-installed. It found the IEMs and was able to correctly determine their “emerged” state. While audiophiles might want more feedback from the parametric EQ - such as read outs of frequency and Q, it was simple and intuitive to use. The value of these IEMs must be considered along with the App.

I would like to see more CODECs, as this would increase the utility and widen potential user base.


Great impressions @pennstac. At first I thought that this looked like a bit of a gimmick. Now having heard your thoughts it does seem like a great idea.


Thus could certainly be interesting, or even as a solution for taking ear impressions at home for IEMs, sort of like a kit that is not quite as scary as some of the actual DIY solutions.


A few additional comments

Have listened to the Fits a bit more, and they seem to improve after a short break in. In my first notes, I did not talk about the design of the fits. It is powered by a 10mm DD. As such, the sound is coherent, and does not display issues of crossover. Comparing with some wired IEMs like the Sennheiser IE 40 Pro, or the Kanas Pro, there is a noted similarity of sound, typical, I think of lower mid-tier dynamic driver IEMs. I wish that I could try these with wires to get a more direct comparison without the wireless codec getting in the way.

On the Ultimate Ears website, I see they have many more models, although this is the only one with the light goo setup. All are custom, either an at home or pro mold to be taken. And all way more pricey.


Anyone here have experience with the Devialet Gemini?



They sound incredible - best I’ve heard and I’ve tried just about all of them.

The Bluetooth, though, is just as buggy as most other TWS (other than Apple); i.e., one will connect, the other won’t, they don’t disconnect properly when you put them back in the case, etc.

The most irritating thing is they apparently use the right earpiece for some sort of auto-reconnect functionality and … it runs down to 0% overnight, even inside the case. The only way to avoid this is (apparently) to “forget” the right earpiece on your phone, which apparently disables some Bluetooth functionality.

I’m keeping them and hoping for a firmware update soon that will fix some of the buggy stuff, becaue the sound is wonderful.

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Thanks. Devialet have stopped selling this set and even started recalling. Apparently they’re working on an improved version.

I’ve been looking for a decent sounding TWS for a while and now have the Microsoft Surface Earbuds which work reliably. Sounds is ok for TV and headset use but for music less so.

I tried others too from Sennheiser, Bose, B&O, Sony, Jabra and RHA. The RHA were the best sound wise, but connection was bad. The Microsoft ones are the best compromise right now.

Still, I’d rather pay more than 300$ and have something that works and sounds really good.

Any other suggestions?

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