Tubes, glow and tube amps

Svetlana 6N13S glow


Just took delivery of a super rare pair of NOS Philips Hamburg ECC81 Coinbase D Getters from early 50’s. These are some “Holy Grail” level tubes, and I had been looking for a pair for a good while, and scored these for a killer price. These tubes are actually made in the famous Hamburg, Germany factory, per the codes on the bottom of the tube.


Where do you make most of your purchases?

I have several Ebay sellers that I trust, and have used for years. Also, every now and then I buy them from Tube World Express and I have a couple dealers I trust on Etsy as well. Honestly, most of my tubes have come from Ebay, and I have had very few issues. First and foremost, I will not buy a tube without a return policy. After that, I like to go with dealers that have actually listened to the tubes in an amp and checked for noise and microphonics.


My favorite 12AU7 of all time, and the absolute best in my opinion, has arrived! :smiley: Funny thing about these, is that I sold them a while back, as I sold the amp that I was using them with. Then, recently I bought another amp, that uses the same tube, and I was so sad I sold my beloved 7730’s prior, and knew they would be amazing in the new amp. So, I took a chance and messaged the person I sold them to, and ask if he would sell them back to me, as they were my favorite tubes. Luckily, he was not using them, and we ended up doing a tube trade. I traded some Mazda 6189 triple mica silver plates straight up, and could not be happier. I think we both came out winners (Both tubes are TOTL 12AU7’s), and my beloved 7730’s are back. Long story short, I will never sell my favorite tubes again.

The best 12AU7 hands down, the Raytheon 7730 Long Plate D Getter from the late 50’s. :smiley: These are as rare as hens teeth, but those who have heard them agree they are one of the best.


Another killer “Holy Grail” tube arrived yesterday! :smiley:

This is a rebranded (RSD) 57’ Hamburg, Germany 6201 Pinched Waist, Triple Mica, D Getter with red print bottom date code. Yep, that’s right I said " Pinched Waist & D Getter", and talk about rare. :wink: The red print bottom code indicates a special grade tube (same as the blue logo Valvo 6201), so this one is even more rare and sought after. This tube is as rare and sought after as they come, and is considered by many who have heard it, to be the King of the 12AT7/ECC81 family. I can’t wait to hear what this tube can do in the Pendant SE!