Unique Melody MEST - Hybrid IEM - Official Thread

Unique Melody typically do a tour on their new gear. They typically will post it on the headfi thread for the product if there is one. If I see one, I’ll post it here.


I just purchased a set of the CIEM MKII’s, I look forward to giving you all my impressions in a few weeks. Cheers!


some copy pasta:
my first impressions is it has warmer, and slightly punchier sound than the MK1 univ/ciem. Seems like it does appeal to more rock genres and male vocals. The upper mids are tad thin, though I’ll need to listen a little more since I was also using a new source stack (topping a30 pro/d30 pro) which I also got in today. I’m going to listen to it more on my typical Lotoo DAP for IEMs.

My initial off and on 1 hr reaction is… these are nicely balanced for the most part and is another flavor that should be well-liked.

EST - From Gargarin’s Point of View record – sounds pretty nice. Definitely has a warmer tone to it and more focus switched to the bass guitar.

Alison Krauss & Union Station music – slightly thin vocals from Krauss (its already thin, though, but does sound a little thinner). Nice instrument separation. Warmer sound.

Phoenix - Too Young - really like this IEM with this song. It’s a indie/pop rock song from 2001 with a bit of an 80s retro vibe to it. It sound fun, rich and full but doesnt sacrifice on details and air.


Listenin’ to some EST with some ESTs :slight_smile:

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Just a quick PSA: UM announced some new color options for MkII customs (they actually emailed me directly to let me know about new choices–@TylersEclectic, I’m getting purple :wink:)


Catch9EB2 Catch487D
Catch6B38 CatchD15F

UM also informed me that my IEMs are being built now, so hopefully it’s not a long wait now. :grin:

Did you pick a color? Curious what you’re getting.


I’ll be using MKII’s with a Sony WM1Z ("MrWalkman firmware modded) Also on the go with a Earstudio ES100.

I’m getting Purple. :headphones: :metal:t3:


Is the Mest MK2 the best around that price point?

Best to one may not be best to another, but you already know that :slight_smile:

IMO, I’d look at the Sony IER-Z1R. Some have fit problems so probably best to try before you buy, if you can.

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Considering I have fit problems with every IEM, I’d imagine it won’t work :frowning:

Current thought is find the right IEM then get custom tips, give it a real chance of working for me.

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Oh, might want to take up on the custom-fit option for the MEST!

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Can’t resell then really. Or can but big loss. Keep it universal with custom tip seems smort. Right?

I feel like MEST is too much of an odd duck to generalize like that. It’s quite different from other IEMs in how it renders spatial details, and the warm tuning might be polarizing for some people. Then there’s fit / tips–getting the right fit and seal is maybe more challenging than average.

That said, subjectively, MEST MkII offers a compelling experience that absolutely competes favorably with other top tier stuff. I also own both U12T and Anole VX, for example, but have come to generally prefer the “fun” tuning of MEST over the arguably more accurate / neutral tuning of U12T / VX. That’s my personal preference, though.

If you can audition MEST, do it! And be aware that it can take some time to acclimate / figure out fit and tips / discover ideal music pairings. But if you’re looking at IEMs in this price range, I feel like other models might be safer bets. So it’s hard to say MEST MkII is “best” around it’s price point, even though it is for me. :grin:

For me, custom MEST became a no brainer for several reasons:

  1. Custom fit offers peak comfort for longer listening sessions
  2. Customs eliminate fiddly problems of finding tips and managing shell contact for bone conduction
  3. I like the tuning, so it’s worth going the extra mile for customs; I will use them enough to justify that

I tend to prefer headphones with the bigger bass, currently rocking Sonyt MDR-Z1R and the Emprean. Can’t stand the HD800S for long, for example. So maybe MK2 might work.

Tips will be key. Need to find some SSSSS ones.