Used Deals Thread

I figured this might be a good thread to start. If you guys are anything like me, you probably check out the Head-Fi (and similar) for sale forums, even if you don’t need anything at the time. As individual threads are great for brand new deals, be it from or elsewhere, this might be a good place for any smokin’ deals you find on the used forums out there.

Places to check are below (and the subsidiaries, usaudiomart etc.) (the classifieds area)

And any local craigslist or Kijiji etc…listing you might find.

Please keep this thread for deals that are

B)Interesting finds

Basically, not just any old for sale post. Posts that make you go “whoa I wish I had the cash” or “whoa thats cheap!”

I hope this is ok @andrew and @taronlissimore If not, please just delete :slight_smile:

With that all being said, here are a couple to get us started.

$2000USD Utopia

And for anyone in Vancouver, another Utopia on craigslist (that I think might be related to this forum, somehow…:thinking: )


This is kind of neat. Not a deal per say, but just a cool piece of headphone history :slight_smile: