What headphones do you have in your collection and why?

Beyerdynamic plays a big role in my collection.

Dt880 600 ohm end game for me a decade ago. Just almost everything I want with the sound that matches. (Favorite pair)

Dt770 600 ohm was my first pair and nostalgic about this set. (Nostalgia)

Dt990 600 ohm with amiron wireless filters and stock tygr pads for a tygr300r like signature. I couldn’t take the intense v shape with stock. I wanted to finish the DT collection. (Finishing the collection)

Tygr 300 r because I always wanted portable dt880 and these seemed like a great option and fits. Although it reminds me more of the dt990. Always wanted portable open backs like these. (Portable open backs. Btr5 on the headband so I can be mobile and hear things around me)

Amiron wireless because I need warmth after all those years of bright headphones. I can wear these for hours and be satisfied with everything. (Wanted these to be the upgrade from dt880 but are different)

Nighthawks because I need dark headphones now. My sound preferences have changed and I lean dark and bassy now. I love how these sound! (Favorites)

Aeon 2 closed has been what I’ve been looking for in a closed back pair of cans. End game for me for closed backs. (The closed backs for me)

Neumann ndh20 when I want to slap my btr5 on the headband and have high end bluetooth headphones. (Replaced dt1350, m50, m40x, drop thx panda for portable closed back)

My headphone progression has been a trip on hunting for replacements or successors to my dt770 and dt880 which are my favorite headphones. Dt770 more so for nostalgia.

Gl2000 on the way to contend for the title.

Started with brighter sounding headphones and transitioned to warm dark headphones.


I have been mostly speaker/monitor listening the last while. I have a project that has been keeping me up late this week so I am immersing myself in the headphones again. I have a paired down, modest collection now - Sennie HD650 Kiss mods, HD600s, some modded AKGs and these. This is a pair I built myself and is my current go-to. Elleven Acousica R1 drivers in their Mahogany cups, sunflower modified Grado OEM pads, and an OCC teflon cable I built. I am feeding them with an RME ADI2 DACfs and a modified Mapletree Audio Design Ear+ HD (upgraded wire and caps, I bounce between a Brimar Yellow Label and a Valvo Gold Pin driver tube). The midrange is spectacular. I’m a Harbeth guy and these cans with this amp get me. They’re spooky good. I love them.



About halfway down the page.

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It is HD414 pads with the center cut out and Grado OEM L-Cush carefully stretched overtop. It’s a bit fiddly but you get better bass, better space and, if you have giant ears like me, your ears don’t touch the drivers which is a major issue with the L-Cush pads. G-Cush changes the tuning too much, but this mod hits the goldilocks just-right spot. I put a 400u Sefar polyester mesh over the drivers as I have found that my hair will touch the drivers occasionally and cause problems.


YES! I do the mod with the L-Cush pads and the center of the 414 pads cut out. Christian from Elleven Acoutica recommends nothing between your ears and the driver and I agree. I do use an open polyester mesh, though, as I have found my hair will touch the driver occasionally causing distortions. The foam from the 414s attenuated the goodness of the R1s too much.


So why Sennheiser 414 pads and not a Grado S cushion? Or a Yaxi S cushion and get purple inside. that was for you, @DarthPool

I have no issues with the L pads, never cared that much for G. I agree with nothing between ear and driver. I expect that the mod would slightly increase the density of the foam, which is sort of the same idea as the “tape mod”.


I read about the mod online. The guy used 414 pads and so I did, too. Purple? Ewwww.

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I need to update my list as this has changed significantly for me!

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