What music have you been listening to this past week?

Well I listened to your Dropkick Murphys on Tidal, and The Kids Were Alright. Was not really in the mood for the betrayed military vitriol, tonight I prefer more basic rage. I found that on their earlier album Mob Mentality, where they trade songs with London’s The Business. I particular I enjoyed both groups 70s covers, Borstal Boys (The Faces) and The Kids Were Alright (Who).

What was interesting is that my usual bedside listening chain - Tidal to xDSD to Lyr3 to Sennheiser HD6xx mucked up both the Boston crew and London punk rockers with an overlay of German headphone. Switching to something made closer to the Ramone’s home town, I found that the Grado RS1e’s were just the ticket. Plenty of bass on the headphones, but soundstage was wider and the angst in the lyrics was palpable.

Yeah - it might be counter-intuitive, but there it is.


OOF, this song is perfect for gloomy, rainy afternoons. Shes got such a calming voice

For those who dont know who “Sunday Moon” is, they are a duo led by Sarah Lee and backed by instrumentalist Cozy.


Well, despite normally being an acoustic music kind of guy (Jazz, Classical, Americana, etc.), which fits in well with my newfound pursuit of headphone excellence, I’ve taken a left turn into Ambient/Neoclassical with a shake of TripHop/EDM lately. Listening to a great playlist/panorama from Qobuz:


Also checking out some Eno ambient classics, and some granddaddies of the neoclassical/minimalist movement in Phillip Glass, Steve Reich, and Terry Riley.

Interestingly, it is my recent foray into the world of headphone listening and collecting which is inspiring me to branch out and experience this new (to me) music.


This is what happened to me. My tastes in music broadened dramatically once I got into headphones. I think this is quite a common occurrence in this hobby. You obviously want to give your headphones a good test and see what they can do. What better way than to broaden your musical horizon too.

I love Acoustic music but now listen to most genres apart from bass heavy stuff and metal. I’ve never really liked metal, but then again I haven’t really invested any time to look into it.


Spent many hours with Eno as background to work. Later, The Orb. Passed through Philip Glass after Hindemith, when I saw the Chronos Quartet. Eventually Glass made me sick of arpeggios.


Sitting on the deck, overlooking Elliot Bay … the mid-Autumn sun horizon-bound, a sumptuous-but-reasonable fermentation at hand, feet-up, with the Astell&Kern SP2000 Cu feeding Loreena McKennitt’s latest release to the MySphere 3.2


I just know as the lush, liquid, libation flows, this is going to progress from Loreena and “The Star of the County Down” and will wind up heading back to the Pogues and “The Irish Rover” and some spirited singing … (again) …

I just have to wonder if Rosie knows Mick …

What's that about?

If you know these songs well, and are paying attention, there is an interesting collision with them …

From “Irish Rover”:

And your man, Mick McCann from the banks of the Bann

And from “The Star of the County Down”:

Young Rosie McCann from the banks of the Bann



I like that glassware! shifty eyes “where you get dat from!”

I found it at a glass festival in northern Japan (Otaru), was the only one like it (hand etched I think). Filled with shochu in this case.


Love unique glassware like that! Very cool!

My favorite whiskey drinking glassware is usually Japanese pottery glassware =)


Alex G’s Remember Demo

Women - Eyesore Such a solid song and album. Very strong Velvet Underground influence in my opinion.


I’ve been enjoying the new Jim James & Teddy Abrams collaboration with the Louisville Orchestra.


I use this Sonos Album every time I want to be taken away by Vocals


Sara Bareillis is awesome!

Check out this Acapella group I’m sure you are familiar with them :wink: if not woohoo I introduced you to a new group :grin:: https://youtu.be/lExW80sXsHs


Yeah she is, her “Brave enough, live at the variety playhouse” album is incredible! every track on it is superb!


I didn’t know them! They’re amazing…thanks for sharing.



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This is an amazing concept and idea!! Jarre claims the music playing is never the same and is different for each listener , is like a perpetual music/visual experience.
I don’t really see a non Jean Michel Jarre fan using this app, but if you are familiar with the artist sound of the las two decades and you like it…that sound is there. If you, like me, are not very pleased with his last 20 years work( at least when you compare it to the previous work), then you’ll be happy by knowing there is not a cheese melody in these themes, is impossible due to the concept of this project .
I’ve only used for 45 minutes this morning while commuting to work and I like it. Visuals looks great too, but since I was saving battery just look at them for a couple of minutes.


Leon Redbone, several albums. Not quite as good as I remembered.

Then this beautifully recorded, smart album by someone too popular for their own good.