What speakers do you use and why?

Got it, thanks for your insights. I can see why it’s not ideal for headphones.

What I use for computer. These are old (bought at Circuit City) but surprisingly good Logitech THX
with an 8" sub. My source is a Dell Precision 3430. I don’t know exactly what audio hardware it has but
It has dual source A/V. Realtec or AMD high definition. These run through the AMD and it supports
24/96 playback. Most of my friends who have heard it (non audio nerds) are astonished at the quality.


My system speakers are McIntosh XRT20s. I have owned them for years and I bought them new in Anchorage, Alaska. I had pairs of McIntosh ML1., ML2s and ML4s that I traded for the XRT20s plus some cash. I was totally happy with them all!

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Wanted to add a note; my first experience with quality headphones happened during my days in Washington D. D. assigned to the “Old Guard” of the army. D.C. goes big for Washington’s birthday. In 1969 I bought a pair of Koss ESP9 electrostatic headphones for about a hundred bucks. They were outstanding headphones and I was totally thrilled with the performance. That pair I sold some years later to a friend in Valdez, Alaska. Today I use a pair of Sennheiser HD 650s and they are excellent and due for an upgrade in the near future. Regarding speakers; my home system includes a pair of McIntosh XRT 20s. They have been awesome for many years!

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@bpcarb, I’m also interested in Omega speakers. Trying likely requires buying and the standard custom build waiting period.

Alnico is among the most common options for guitar pickups (Alnico 3 or Alnico 5), and widely marketed as an upgrade or a professional’s choice versus the cheap ceramic magnets of discount guitars. Some prefer the tone of weaker or stronger Alnico magnets. There are several types, so one may be able to guestimate the Omega tone by knowing which version they use.

I have lived for a week now with the EgglestonWorks Nico Evo speaker, proudly made in Memphis TN. I don’t know why you’re looking specifically at Omega but if you and @bpcarb have a chance to listen to the EgglestonWorks, I suspect you’d like them. Sometime soon I’ll write up how my office system turned out, but I’ve been too busy working and listening.

I’m vaguely considering the sensitive-speakers-plus-low-powered-amp path. I’m aiming to be different and to try something new (sample setups).

I’m exploring so far: Omega or Zu single-driver speakers, plus Tekton’s nightmarishly complex multi-driver speakers. These are USA made. To drive them, many use 2A3 or 300B tube amps.

EDIT: Sample Photos

Omega Compact Alnico Monitor

Zu Omen Bookshelf (not available in 2021 and gone from website; possibly discontinued)

Tekton Pendragon Monitor

Does anyone have experience with magnepan? They seem perfect especially for apartments where you might not want a sub. And if you want bass you can add a sub later.

Yes, I like Maggies. Had the .7 on order, but there were covid delays. They (Maggie’s in general) image very very well and are fast. The small ones, LWS, don’t have much bass, you definitely need the DWM with them. DWM is the Magnepan bass panel, use it instead of a “sub” which will not blend well with Maggies.

A few downsides - room placement is critical, they need to be away from the wall. Spousal approval is generally non-existent, and they are not cat-proof. They require adequate power and an amp happy with a 4 ohm load. In my opinion the 3.7i is the one to get, they’re about the size of a door, but slightly taller. 1.7i isn’t bad either.

Upside- there is no speaker box, so they perform similarly to a cabinetry type speaker twice their price. While I really really wanted a .7 plus DWM system in the office, the EgglestonWorks I ended up with are far more practical in my office, and sound very good, albeit at about 3 times the price.


What amp did you use? I hear the Schiit Vidar is the goto nowadays.

This is key. In my experience, they really need breathing room to perform at their best.


I am using a fully board-level refurbished Sansui AU-919 integrated amp from 1979. I just got it back from the restorer this week. I will be posting photos, etc, maybe on the weekend. It has a class-A preamp, and tested after restoration with 0.004 and 0.006 % per channel THD (hard to capture that live) and tested just below clipping at 140 watts RMS per channel into an 8 ohm load. This is from the time that Sansui was gunning for Marantz. I was lucky in that all the main filter caps tested completely within spec. I’ve got a bag full of the parts (sorted into smaller bags from the boards they came from). Replaced, transistors, relays, caps, and anything else that needed it. Apparently Sansui used a slightly corrosive glue on some parts that caused problems over the years. That’s all cleaned off now.

For what it’s worth a friend of mine bought the Omega’s and they’re sitting in my garage storage unit right now. They were pretty disappointing, to the point that I would caution any but the most lifestyle of listeners from buying them unheard. If you really want that kind of sound for that money, the Zu Dirty Weekends would be a much better buy (also a speaker I don’t particularly like for what it’s worth)

On the topic of Alnico, it’s the weakest strength, but it tends to have some other interesting magnetic properties, and guitarists generally know a lot more about tone than audiophiles do. If guitarists dig it for tone, chances are high it will have nice tonal qualities. Power and other attributes will vary obviously. The ribbon tweeters in my speakers use alnico magnets and sound incredible, not a shred of harshness. Alnico magnet drivers tend to have a certain sweetness to them that fans really dig. I’m not necessarily fussy, but I do like what it does when Ive heard it.


Pro-ac? Or diy using seas?

Inquiring minds need 20 characters.

Proac D30RS
very keen : )

I have ATC SCM20 passives and Acora SRB w/ Acora stands in my studio for those curious.

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I hear you, and you echo the opinions of many. But…they are different. All of the above.

I also think Zu may have dropped their small speakers because putting one huge driver in a small cabinet involves known problems. And maybe unhappy buyers who sent them back? The Dirty Weekend is too big for my planned use – bookshelf only.

I’m mainly interested because I’ve heard umpteen technical, accurate, refined and often pricey two or three driver B&W-Focal-Dynaudio-Elac-XXX-YYY-ZZZ systems. My local stores (even high-end audio specialists) seem to survive by selling Klipsch and SVS home theater systems (I have zero interest).

I do know the single-speaker oddballs present challenges and are frankly reinventing speaker technical issues that were solved maybe 75 years ago. But, going retro is not unlike how some approach tubes and vinyl too. The Tekton goes in the opposite direction, with a complex proprietary crossover.

Omega sells ferrite and Alnico drivers – the Alnico are marketed as superior and much more expensive to produce.

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Being entirely fair I used the omegas in a situation which was likely too big for them. They are quite small, to my eyes they are desktop or bookshelf size, not floorstanding at all. They are paper (I think?) and they do have that fast single driver thing they do. It could be that close and at low volumes they’ll behave well.

My friend’s pair is looking for a home if you’re in the market : )

Some are indeed intended for low volume and close use, or for pairing with their matching subwoofer. What Omega model is it?

Thanks, but it’s way too big. This also seems to be a discontinued model…so maybe it was disappointing all around.